Guitar Hero III Wii rocks harder than Xbox 360, PS3 at retailer

The Wii version of the new music title ranked as the No. 1 offering at Amazon's Computer & Video Games division, outranking the SKU for Microsoft Corp.'s Xbox 360 at No. 7 and Sony Corp.'s Playstation 3 at No. 40.

All three versions include new music tracks, a wireless guitar, and online play options.

EA next month will release a new competitor to the music game sector called Rock Band. Rock Band, which includes peripherals to form an entire virtual band, will only be sold for the Xbox 360 and PS3, and not the Wii.

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Brainiac 84870d ago

If this article said "XBOX 360 slaughters Wii in Guitar Hero III sales" then we would have tons of messages saying stuff like "Teh Wii is for da Kidz!" or "See, teh Wii is not hardcore!" but since it's a positive news article about the Wii version selling more, there are no comments.

Interesting indeed.

Twizlex4870d ago

Yeah. The thing I find most humorous is that even though the Wii version of GH3 sold more than 360 and PS3, they're not making Rock Band for the Wii. Of course, maybe that's WHY the Wii version sold more because some people are opting for Rock Band instead. Who knows...

BrotherNick4870d ago

I think it was a dumb move to not put Rock Band on wii really, with that large of an install base and its focus on bringing people together.

Twizlex4870d ago

Good point. Regardless of WHY GH3 sold better on the Wii, it's still a dumb move to not bring Rock Band to the Wii also.

Brainiac 84870d ago

with both of you.

If you can take advantage of the install base of all three systems, then you should do so.

If Guitar Hero III sells really well on the Wii, which I think it will, then I think they will go ahead and port it over to the Wii also. They would be stupid not to.

Syko4870d ago

Rockband is coming to the Wii. It just won't be until late 2008. They are still trying to work out the DLC problem and also they need to revise the hardware to work with the Wiimote. Although it hasn't "officially" been announced, it is coming.

Twizlex4870d ago

What's with the hater giving all of us a "disagree"?

BrotherNick4869d ago (Edited 4869d ago )

I think someone has a vendetta with us because we like our wii, as absurd as that sounds. Oh, and thanks Syko360 for clearing that up with me, now I'm interested.

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bung tickler4870d ago

thats because people that own a ps3/360 know that gh3 is just more of the same, while rock band adds a whole butt load of feature and is made by the people that made gh1/2 so why would anyone that owns gh2 buy gh3? wii owners, well they are dumb, and they probably havent played gh1/2 yet so gh3 will seem new to them.

BrotherNick4870d ago

I think they may be uninformed rather than dumb. I'm just irritated you have to buy all the peripherals with the bundle, I just want that guitar.

forum_crawler4870d ago (Edited 4869d ago )

Wii owners buying this game are dumb because the same game (i.e. gh2) was available on the PS2? Would you care to explain your logic?

I've never owned a PSX or an XBox, so why would buying this game make me dumb? Last time I checked, the other builds of the game didn't run on the Wii. So if I was to buy this game (which I provably won't) it would indeed seem new to me, since I haven't played it before.

Some people man, if you have no constructive comments to make, why not just keep your thoughts to yourself?

Why did you ruin the surprise for me? ;)

Rooftrellen4870d ago

"thats because people that own a ps3/360 know that gh3 is just more of the same"

And everyone knew Halo 3 was more of the same, but it still sold.

I'll bet Mario has to beat Bowser in Mario Galaxy, but it will sell.

There are a whole heck of a lot of games that are more of the same, and people buy them an enjoy them. Heck, I'll bet even you own many games that are more of the same and loved at least some of them.

TruthbeTold4870d ago (Edited 4870d ago )

There seems to be alot less maturity amongst the fans of the so called "Adult" systems. (That relatively small portion of those fan bases that lives to talk crap.) If ever they comment it's negative, insulting, or just downright absurd. In any case, people have been waiting for this game for a long time. It should do really well on all systems.

Brainiac 84870d ago

It deserves to do well on all the systems.

I am waiting to see how Rock Band does, since it's a neat idea. I just hope the singing portions work well, since that could make or break the game.

We'll see. This holiday is too friggin packed with must own titles, that I don't see how anyone can afford all of them. I know I am having difficulty deciding which ones to buy.

TruthbeTold4870d ago

I'm almost glad that Super Smash Bros. Brawl was delayed. There are just too many games coming out right now that I want. If only we always had this problem. :D

Brainiac 84870d ago

when they delayed SSBB.

Plus I think that Super Mario Galaxy will sell the system for the holiday. SSBB can help make sure the Wii stays selling through the annual video game drought season.

So far my must buy list is:


Super Mario Galaxy
Geometry Wars: Galaxies
Trauma Center: New Blood
Nights: Journey of Dreams


Ratchet & Clank: TOD

There are others, but I just can't afford them. :(

oohWii4870d ago (Edited 4870d ago )

Okay, exactly what are you looking for. I am a wii60 owner however normally whenever an article like this comes out. The comments that follow are normally negative. (unless the are comments made by users of the system that the news is good for.) Rather than trying the rile up the 360 fanboys maybe you should praise them for not bashing the wii with some ridiculous comments.

It's almost as if you want to start a fanboy war. Because you would have to be STUPID to expect them to comment a bunch of great comments about the wii, it's not there system. Not to mention your comment about there being any comments is the very first comment in the thread. Perhaps if you weren't so impatient to start a flamewar you could have waited more than 2 hours to throw your comment out there.

My goodness, people make comments and you whine, people don't make comments and you still whine. Would you by any change be uh...A WHINER?

I'll tell you what I see, I see your INNER PS3 FANBOYish, trying to take a shot at 360 fanboys while trying to get them to bash the wii instead of the PS3. Please man, give it up!

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BrotherNick4870d ago

Guitar hero is one of those games that are hard to's hard enough for the hardcore user but people aren't scared to do it which brings in the casual. It's a genius idea, I wish rock band's controllers worked with GH3, they look better lol.

WafflesID4870d ago

Yeah. the guitar compatibility is actually an issue for me.

WafflesID4870d ago

I own all three systems. I don't care what system you prefer. The following are just thoughts and are not meant to show any bias towards one system or another.

Every store in my town (and some neighboring cities) has the 360 version sold out, and EVERY store has the PS3 version still in stock. And of course the WII version is sold out as well. Heck I didn't even know there was a wii version available until I saw a stack of them (all of them reserved) at one of the indie stores here.

Anyone else notice this where they live? I can go to wal-mart and buy the ps3 version, heck even some of the smaller department stores have it. But the 360 version is no where to be found.

I would pick up the ps3 version but I already have GHII (with guitar) for the 360. If I'm going to have 2 controllers might as well have them for the same system.

ceedubya94870d ago

But not many at all. I'm hoping I'm able to grab one by tomorrow before they are all gone. Everywhere else is slim to none though for the Wii.

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