Third Black Ops DLC pack offers four more maps, zombie mode - rumour

A shot of what appears to be a new Call of Duty: Black Ops map pack has surfaced, showing four new maps - "Hazard", "Drive In", "Silo" and "Hanger 18" - and a new zombie mode.

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dirigiblebill2707d ago

Price is the key question, innit.

beavis4play2707d ago

well, just the time i play the zombie map will make it worth it for me. CotD has only been out since friday (for ps3) and i've played the hell out of it solo and with friends. the other MP maps that come with it i couldn't care less about.

i_da_pappy2707d ago

same amount of maps, same price. nothing new here.

Hazmat132707d ago

they need more player interaction with the maps, kinda like the elevator's in hotel ya know? also hazard sounds awesome already. lol