Soul Calibur V box arts, character artworks and renders revealed

Namco Bandai Games have revealed the official box arts, as well as some character artworks and 3D renders, for their upcoming fighting game, Soul Calibur V.

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Hitman07692773d ago

This should have a decent amount of fighting fans fired up, though I don't see it snipping much market share from other games really.

Inception2773d ago

lol, they announced this game for TBA 2012 but now they already showed the box art?

Bay2773d ago

Mitsurugi's getting so old. *sadface*

And for some reason, Siegfried looks like a create-your-own-character type character.

MWH2773d ago (Edited 2773d ago )

true! the second pic. look at good old Mitsu, finally time is catching the veteran fighters can't wait to control my favorite character all along since Soul Edge.. (wonder how Cervantes will look like).

this is it, i feel as if Namco is close to rule out the old characters, this is when i too will leave SC for good.

Quagmire2773d ago

is Yoshimitsu confirmed?