Killzone 3 patch 1.10 releases today with additional custom game options

Patch 1.10 is here! This version introduces a large number of fixes and new features based on your feedback. Please consult the patch list below to see what’s changed. Patch 1.10 will be released today for SCEE and SCEA territories, with SCEJ following soon.

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bunfighterii3317d ago

Great... right at the time I'd all but stopped playing this game. I might have to get back on it.

adamthecarolla3317d ago

i'll give it another fair shake.

ShoryukenII3317d ago

Too late for me. I didn't even bother buying it because I had the superior Killzone 2. =D

thugbob3317d ago (Edited 3317d ago )


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Pacman3213317d ago (Edited 3317d ago )

True i've been distracted by DeadNation and Infamous 2, but this patch looks great. Custom music and Custom matches are finally back,they were in Killzone 2 so i don't understand why they weren't there in the first place, but im just glad they're back.

holdmyown833316d ago

ME TOO man..deadnation is nice wit 2 players havent had fun like that since super Contra 2 is awsome also..PRAISE KZ3

the_kutaragi_baka3317d ago (Edited 3317d ago )

sorry but Killzone has lost many of its once loyal followers since Kz2 game ,it's actually already dead in my eyes. Battlefield 3 has won my heart.I traded in Killzone 3 weeks ago and i'm saving up for a new games.

Knushwood Butt3317d ago

The huge Killzone fan I know still plays Killzone 2..

Thing is, if you want to play 2, fine, play it. 3 shouldn't be the same game, and isn't.

Personally, I enjoy both.

Bolts3317d ago

Many people never forgave Killzone 2 for it's controls. Their lost. Killzone 3 is great, the only thing I hate is the lost of the 32 players frag fest. The game feels smaller now.

Rageanitus3317d ago

lol ppl complained because the key assignment was not standard.... they forgot to check the options menu for 5+ control schemes...

its sad because the movement and FEEL felt as solid as gears of war. (felt like the character actually had some weight)

thekiddfran3317d ago

Wow what an update!!Love this game.

Knushwood Butt3317d ago

On topic - great to see Killzone 3 getting this level of support.

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Philoctetes3317d ago

Looking at the patch list, most of these changes are things that should have been available at launch. It took this long to do custom matches? Really?

Nicaragua3317d ago

Too little too late - i am a huge Killzone fan but KZ3 is unbalanced broken crap, sold my copy on ebay after getting the platinum trophy which was about as challenging as a wet fart.

SOCOM 4 is soon to follow it on ebay - I am baffled how Sony is releaseing its flagship shooters in such a sorry state without basic features such as party systems and working map rotation.

garos823317d ago

i really dont understand this Killzone hate. Yeah some of the features from KZ2 were missing which was a shame but im glad guerilla are implementing them back in.
i dont know about you guys but i love the move controls in this game. and the online matches are fun immersive and require skill. the gameplay is what this game is all about and im glad its delivered. and also yihaa for custom music support for it now.

my only gripe i have is that it takes forever to unlock points to use in the multiplayer so purchasing all the classes skills takes a while but other than that it is a very good game

thekiddfran3317d ago

As a kz2 vet I fail to see how kz3 is unbalanced at all. If you are a good enough player and use some intelligence, every class is equal.

Nicaragua3317d ago

Im sorry but they clearly arent and this is totally evident by the numbers of marksmen in the clan matches and TDM.

A class that is invisible/silent/jams radar with an assault rifle is seriously unbalanced.

garos823317d ago

its has to be just me that doesnt use that class! i dont know if it is because i havent got all the upgrades for marksman yet but i find it a hell of a lot more entertaining when i use tactian,engineer and medic classes.

FunAndGun3317d ago

I plat KZ2 and KZ3. I still play KZ3.

KZ3 is NOT balanced. How can you say it is not unbalanced at all??

One of the classes doesn't even have a counter built into the game and takes ZERO skill to use.

I LOVE KZ3, but a balanced game it is definitely not.

Rageanitus3317d ago

its not all about shooters you know... and Sony releasing things in short time span proves something.... they have alt of games coming! unlike ms.... they have been talking about gears through out the whole generation and halo.

ITs funny but this is why you see alot of xbox fans simply pointing in supporting the kinect ....

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