THQ set to announce "a few" new games

Publisher THQ has a few games in production that are yet to be announced, set to bolster the already impressive lineup of releases the company has ahead of it.

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Quagmire2684d ago

As long as they are either

A: a new iP

b: NOT another FPS

starshaped2684d ago

A) It probably won't be

B) It probably will be

danielle0072684d ago (Edited 2684d ago )

I hope the new games are less Homefront-y and more Metro 2033-y, with better controls.

Darth Stewie2684d ago

THQ better release a good new IP especially since this gen everything they released was disappointing to me so far.

danielle0072683d ago

I think Metro 2033 was actually genuinely good. The controls weren't the greatest, but hopefully they fix that up in their new Metro game coming out.

AAACE52684d ago

I get the feeling that THQ will be one of the next companies facing financial ruin!

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