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showtimefolks2772d ago

but only heard good things about prey 2 and from what little i have seens it looks like it will be a must have.

is this coming out later 2011 or 2012?

i hope 2012 because fall 2011 is just so crowded with great games its not even funny:

resistance 3
gears 3
forza 4
halo remake
mgs remake
dmc hd remake(rumors september 2011)
uncharted 3
saints row 3
batman 2
darkness 2
max payne 3
ico/sotc hd remake
resident evil 4 hd remake
dues-ex in sugust
and so much more

so i do't mind giving my wallet a rest and actually enjoy the games i am planning on getting.


mass effect 3
halo 4
last guardian
yakuza 5
ff 12-2
ff 13 versus
mgs rising
zone of ender 1-2 hd remake
silent hill 2-3 hd remake
possibly gta 5?

so 2012 is shaping up to be quite a nice year also