New SSX avalanches: "It's never the same result twice"

OXM UK: "EA Canada originally intended avalanches in the new SSX to be "big, awesome scripted experiences", but later opted for a more complicated, dynamic "snow system" for greater replay value."

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SpartanZero3315d ago

Sounds nice just take take off the exlusive content for PS3 and the game will sell quite well on the 360 even though it will still sell higher than PS3 with or without exclusive content

DigitalRaptor3309d ago

I've noticed a trend amongst 360 fans. They always mention sales, pretty much always... Even when it's irrelevant.

And btw, even though I don't care about sales, I will say that SSX on PS3 will likely sell more, but not much more. It's gonna get one of those advertising campaigns that emphasises the PS3 and exclusive content, just like Mortal Kombat. Multiplats outside the shooter genre generally sell more on PS3 and have done for a while. Just sayin!

dirigiblebill3315d ago

Wonder how it compares to the rockslides/terrain destruction in Motorstorm Apocalypse? They were scripted, but somehow they never got old.