Zune 2 Defeats Wii

Forget the Red Sox, Zune has just won CNet's most wanted gadget poll. The new Zune has rocketed to the top of the pack weeks before the November 13th launch moving in front of the Wii and PS3. Word is getting out about the larger glass LCD screen and the smaller size of the Zune 80. Microsoft has invested heavily in R&D to make sure Zune defeats the competition in every aspect and have taken the first step to making the Zune a successful product.

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Captain Tuttle4868d ago

And it's a pretty nice machine. Bought it off of Woot for $135 or so. I'm looking forward to the big software update in November.

Zhuk4868d ago

I recently got a Zune from the United States and it is a great machine, I prefer it way more than my ipod, and the Zune 2 looks even better. Now they got flash models, its time to take Zune worldwide imo and let the rest of the world enjoy it.

Also am looking forward to the Nov. firmware update

ironwolf4868d ago

I have nearly 4000 songs on it, and over 150 music video's and I've only used about 2/3 of its capacity. It's video playback looks great.

ParaDise_LosT4868d ago F*ck*ng hell thinks of the Product names for MS?
xbox 360...
and now....Zune?

I think they should fire him xD

SlappyMcTaint4868d ago

Does it still come in Turd Brown™ ?

How long before these start to RROD? Or would it be the Red Screen of Death?

BulletToothtony4868d ago

i would buy one cause i like that has FM in it.. but the way it looks it makes me hate it

even thou i was gonna buy an ipod this christmas i'm just gonna buy an Iphone around january when my phone plan is done

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The story is too old to be commented.