Apparently 13 Year Old's Don't Like Battlefield 3

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Guys the sample demographics aren't different from what the official videos with more views suggest.

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Son_Lee2734d ago

Kind of hard to justify when the Battlefield 3 video has so many more views than the Modern Warfare 3 one. Still, I don't doubt older males play Battlefield and younger ones play MW3.

I_find_it_funny2734d ago

great job DICE, I'm choosing your game

AAACE52734d ago (Edited 2734d ago )

Unfair comparison! Besides, all the kids will play what the big boys and girls are playing anyway! They will always follow us to whatever we do next!

No matter how much we try to leave them behind, they find us! We left them on Halo while we went to Call of duty... They followed! We left them on Resistance while we went to Killzone... They followed!

lil Titan2734d ago


BulletToothtony2734d ago (Edited 2734d ago )

I'm really liking battlefield 3 and I really hope it's great.

But I had the same hopes for Medal of Honor and i pre-ordered it just to be disappointed with the excessive amount of snipers hiding in the mountains.

Some people may still like it and love it. But lets be honest, (to most) The MP was a let down.

Sadly I won't be preordering B3 since i don't want to get caught up on the same crap again. :( sadly

Peppino72734d ago

Thats exactly the reason why I'm getting BF3.

gamingdroid2734d ago

That was how my experience was with BF3. I get sniped from even further away than in MW2. The games move very slow and frankly I can't hide in buildings either.

Maybe because I ain't playing it right, but the game wasn't for me.

I respect the game though as it is clearly critically acclaimed.

joab7772734d ago

I agree. MW has been the choice of older ppl and everyone so young kids follow suit. The migration though to B3, which is inevitable will start w older hardcore gamers and filter down to the young kids. As of now, I'm fine w it. They can have mw3. Unfortunately in order to become the king of the hill, the 13year olds will also have to b on board. My favorite number in the pic is the advantage b3 has in

HardCover2734d ago


You're judging BF3 by MOH multiplayer? Yeesh what a bad assumption to make.

If you knew anything about either game's development cycle you'd understand what I mean.

soundslike2734d ago

"zomg y do ppl lyke this game so much.

Have i even played battlefield 2? ya of course i played BC2 and bc3 will suck juzt az bad"

RedDragan2734d ago

IF... IF... this is indicative of what it suggests then the two GT5 videos on my youtube account would suggest kids don't like that game as well.

The GT5 videos are most popular with:

Male 35-44
Male 25-34
Male 18-24

morganfell2734d ago

"Apparently 13 Year Old's Don't Like Battlefield 3"

Maybe it's just me but can someone point out the downside?

soundslike2734d ago

lol wow I hope people knew I was referring to an ACTUAL post by someone here on N4G, who was probably 13.

The kid actually thought bf2 was bc2...

I don't think a good portion of the younger gaming community understand how monumental BF2 actually was.

Tank_Commander_E62734d ago

As if I need another reason to buy BF3. Pfft!

NatureOfLogic2734d ago (Edited 2734d ago )

Im 21 and Im not buying BF3, just saying. I don't go by hype, I go by what games I actually like playing.

gamestorecowgirl2734d ago


I literally laughed out loud at this. "The games move very slow and frankly I can't hide in buildings either." You have to add the /s or people don't know you're joking. You are joking, right?

Arnon2733d ago (Edited 2733d ago )

To be honest, if we actually went by the ratings system, 13 year olds shouldn't even know the contents of Battlefield 3.

Knowing that an under-aged group doesn't like a title for mature audiences isn't going to somehow influence me to not purchase a game that looks absolutely spectacular.

ravinash2733d ago

What the hell are 13 year old playing these games in the first place.
isn't there meant to be an age restriction on these games???

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Nickster8002734d ago

I'm a 14 year old and a play battlefield, I also hate black ops and i don't trash talk online. I try to be a mature gamer for my age.

Terarmzar2734d ago

People what is with the disagreeing? He simply stated his opinion without being a troll like the majority on this site that are older than him.

On topic: I prefer battlefield over call of duty even though i am only familiar with the bad comapany series.

killcycle2734d ago

It's the non broken squeaky voice i hate about kids, no offense nick you might be a really smart young dude.

But i just can't stand kids over mic telling me a grown man to go and do this, do that.

Instinctive i think, like how alot of people have problems working for managers half their age.

memots2734d ago

Thanks for that Nickster , We need more like you in the gaming community trash talk is fine as long as it remains funny and "sportsmanlike" or "gamesmanlike" lol

Trash talk as its place like in any sports but it seem that maturity is not the main theme in gaming and that really suck for everyone.

devilmaycry20202734d ago

Wish the rest was more like you.

At one time a kid came into a room in GT5 -yes GT5- and starts trash talking after losing a race he went on a rampage how he would kick my behind in Call of duty.

I told him I don't play with kids, he went and said then why is MW2 rated 18?.

Not saying that BF3 does not have any idiots but the rate of running into one is far less.

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egidem2734d ago

I'm glad. I hate 13 year olds commando-wanna-be running around a map trying to kill everyone else instead of cooperating with the rest of the team to successfully complete objectives and help.

They should stick to Call of Duty while the rest of us play a better game: Battlefield.

Aarix2733d ago

I can't stand the cod d-bags I see. My brother is one and I resist temptation not to slap him. One time I bought 3 good games and all he said was "those games are stupid, you shouldve bought black ops, it's the best game ever. -_-;;;

Spitfire_Riggz2734d ago

From the statistics it also seems Battlefield is more popular world wide while Mw3 is more western centered, USA to be specific

_Q_2734d ago

I saw that too. I was wondering why we didnt have more pointing that out. Pretty cool to see its popularity so spread out.

Petro2733d ago

Battlefield is made in Sweden. :) And that gives it big sales boost in the Nordic country's.

MrCrimson2734d ago

Was about to say the same thing.

TheRealWar2734d ago

He picked the MW3 video with the least views and compared it to the BF3 one with the most views.

xDaRkModEx2734d ago

If author wants to compare, at least do it right.

Spitfire_Riggz2733d ago

Wooooo Weeeeee 11 million views!

Petro2733d ago

This is the MW3 video with most views

And audiences go like this:

1. Male 13-17
2. Male 18-24
3. Male 25-34

Pl4sm42734d ago

it proves that Cod is only played by little kids , and BF3 is a grown up game for good gamers

FunkMcnasty2733d ago (Edited 2733d ago )

I dunno if i agree that CoD is ONLY played by lil kids. I definitley think that a younger demographic gravitates toward it, but i think thats mostly because all their peers have it and it's relatively easy and straight-forward.

My friends and I are all in our late 20's-early 30's, and we definitley play the hell out of BOTH games! I think to an older crowd the two games offer two different flavors for the pallette (a fast paced run-n-gun, and a slower paced, team-based, tactical shooter). My personal fav out of the 2 is definietly Battlefield--specifically BC2 and BF:1943

hiredhelp2734d ago

wow whats the PG, for these games. 18?

goaliegonzalez282734d ago

this article speaks the truth i when i was 13 I didn't know what battlefield was,now that im 14 battlefield is way better so now 13 year olds dont play this game only 14 year olds

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jriquelme_paraguay2734d ago

some one tell this kid, he cant play this game... hahaha

Tuxedoassassin2734d ago

I know I get flamed, but I´m 13 years old too and I love Battlefield and hate CoD. :D

Emilio_Estevez2734d ago

Awesome, lets keep it that way.

BeastlyRig2734d ago (Edited 2734d ago )

Good job Dice!
I guess it's the lack of quickscoping that makes thm hate it?

lmao 13-17 y/o's are highest on the list for MW3!

bumnut2734d ago

which is silly because most games come with an 18 rating.

Imagine if xbl/psn introduced age restrictions where you could not play a game if you were not old enough! cod would not last long after that!

verpuli2734d ago

there is age restriction on psn, but it isn't really hard to make a new account

MysticStrummer2734d ago

I'd say most consoles never have the age restriction feature utilized anyway, because the kid's parents don't know anything about it and the kid sure as hell won't tell them.

theonlylolking2734d ago


That is why consoles and video games come with manuals.

IaMs122734d ago (Edited 2734d ago )

There is a way to restrict younger kids playing mature games as well on the 360. Everything now has some sort of way a parent can restrict what their child can play. Thats the ticket though its up to the parents.

GarandShooter2734d ago

@ theonlylolking

Too bad kids don't.

Gawdl3y2733d ago

The rating system is meant to be a recommendation, not something to follow strictly.
However, there are a lot of kids out there who clearly aren't very mature, and shouldn't be playing them.

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BubbleSniper2734d ago

noobscoping ot quicknoobing? pick your poison.

Aarix2733d ago

YOU HARDSCOPED YOU F***ing CHEATER! How dare you properly snipe.

fossilfern2734d ago

And I hope it stays that way!