SOCOM 4: U.S. Navy SEALs v1.03 & Assault Pack

Gamers Leak: With all the news coming out of E3, people tend to forget about the games that came out before it and look towards the future. SOCOM 4 came out in April, but it was overshadowed by the huge PSN breach. SOCOM veterans are on the fence or just completely hate everything about part 4.

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videoxgamexfanboy2683d ago

Didnt know this was out. Gotta get these maps!

RBdrift2683d ago

Not trying to be cheap but does anyone else think $14.99 for a map pack that only includes 3 maps, a m16 and a ak47 seem worth the price.
Well i guess i expected more.

HeroComplex2683d ago

If you bought the game new, there's a code in the back of the booklet to let you download all the SOCOM Pro stuff for free (Pro Pack, Pro Assault Pack). The only people who have to pay for the maps are those who bought the game used.

achmetha2683d ago

Was just going to say this, but instead I'll confirm it. Just went to the PSN store to check and it says free.

"The Assault Pack, available exclusively to SOCOM Pro members, features three all-new competitive multiplayer maps and two fan-favorite weapons."

jetlian2683d ago

has the beta for resistence happened? l still haven't played this yet. Been trying to get my old id tag working!

I played 2 games I have that don't have trophies
now that im done I may just forget old ID. Only thing is my tekken 5 dr and movie DL's I can't get back.

Damn you hackers.

RBdrift2682d ago

I completely forgot about the booklet.Thanks for that.

LOOK_AT_THIS_I2678d ago

Resistance doesnt go live until July if I remember right. The Beta access we got with Socom lists the website in the book. My or .net I think.

Its setup the same way as Bad Company/MOH had their online pass. It allows you to play in ranked rooms without having to worry as much about random teamkillers who rented the game/bought used and decided they want to cause some havoc online by cheating or the common d-bag tactics. The maps I hope remain free, but as soon as the game gets patched a bit more and actually resembles Socom, I feel they will begin charging for any more additional content they choose to throw our way.

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creatchee2683d ago

I'm one on the SOCOM veterans who hate 4. It's not the maps - it's the game itself. It's kind of sad, but Slant 6 made a better SOCOM game than its original developers. In truth, Slant 6 made an actual SOCOM game and Zipper made something that isn't SOCOM.

New maps and weapons won't change that.

GamersLeak2682d ago

Yeah, I see where you're coming from. Before the game came out I thought I was going to hate it. But I've been playing it a lot and it has grown on me.