$40 Halo CE: Anniversary 'is not a cash grab'

Microsoft Halo studio 343 Industries has insisted its £40 Halo: Combat Evolved HD update "is not a cash grab"

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NukaCola2685d ago

Halo is a great game. Great titles deserve a remake so the younger generation can enjoy them. If it were a upgrade, I'd say £40 is a bit high sine you can get other HD collections with 2-3 games plus extras for $20-$40, but they seem to be really overhauling it. Framerate issues in the trailer were questionable though.

dedicatedtogamers2685d ago

If they have to tell you "it's not a cash grab", then it's a cash grab.

Oh, how quickly people forget how Halo ODST magically jumped from a half-priced add-on to a full-priced game when they added a few old multiplayer maps.

tigertron2685d ago

I thought this was suppossed to be cheaper than full retail?

The BS Police2685d ago

It is, it's being priced at $39.99 in North America.

tigertron2685d ago

Yeah but we're talking about the UK here.

IronFistChinMi2685d ago

That's the RRP, expect to see this sell for less than £30. Bar CoD, the standard UK RRP is £49.99, yet all retailers knock at least £10 off at launch.

thief2685d ago

Microsoft and ripping of customers?

NiceGuy1922685d ago

I don't care how they price it, it's not as if you are forced to buy it.

RAmar1012685d ago

Well if £40 is the RRP then expect it to sell £29.99 at many places, although a ps3 fan I'll be picking up halo HDCE

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