New Resistance screenshots.

Ok these are just from the Interview but still pretty cool to look at, Looks pretty damn creepy.

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This game will be playable at TGS!!

IGN: Would it have been possible to create Resistance on anything but the PlayStation 3, like the PS2, Xbox 360 or PC, and if not, why? Have you had the idea for the game on the backburner and been saving it for capable hardware?

Ted Price, Founder & CEO: It would have been very, very difficult to create Resistance on any other platform. First, this game requires an incredible amount of processing power to support the large number of moving characters and objects in the levels. Every one of our characters has sophisticated AI and navigation routines running in the background. Plus, every object -- including characters -- has to access our physics and collision systems constantly. And, of course, I'm ignoring all the other processes that have to occur simultaneously to create immersive, believable environments. What a game like Resistance requires is parallel processing on a massive scale and fortunately the Cell's SPUs give us this. We can take complex and expensive systems and move them onto the SPUs, which are extremely good at number-crunching. When these systems run in parallel it means we can do more per frame and that means more detail in the game.

Second, the game requires more than 20 gigabytes of storage space, which means that the only viable storage medium for us is Blu-ray. We could not have fit this game on a DVD or a HD-DVD. So, yet another reason that the game could only have been created on the PlayStation 3.

Ted Price, Boss Guy

We haven't had this idea on the backburner for years. We knew that we wanted to do a FPS when the PS3 was announced but the game's design evolved significantly as we moved through pre-production. The reason the game's design evolved was not because of the hardware -- in fact we've been pleasantly surprised with what the PS3 can really do -- it was because designing games here at Insomniac is a collaborative process and we're never afraid to change something if it makes the game better.

IGN: What's the biggest misconception about developing for the PlayStation 3 thus far, and how can that misconception be changed?

Ted Price, Founder & CEO: That's a good question. One thing people have mentioned is that it's challenging to develop on the platform. But it's important to note that developing for any platform presents unique challenges especially when you're trying to push that platform to its limits. Developing console videogames has never been easy -- if it was, everyone would be doing it, right? On the PlayStation 3, if you can take advantage the Cell's parallel processing abilities you can do a lot more than on any other platform. But getting to that point requires focus and hard work.

With Resistance, we worked very hard to develop our own proprietary engine exclusively for the PS3 so that we'd be able to make games that were bigger and better than anything else out there. We also worked very closely with Sony to co-develop technology to take advantage of some of the Cell's unique properties. The bottom line is that developing technology for PS One, PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3 has always required careful planning, creativity and a little brute force. But the results are definitely worth it!

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The game is looking top notch GREAT! The future is getting closer...


looks even better than the last set of screens

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