Report: Sony Knew the PSN Leak Was Huge, it Just Waited to Tell You

Kotaku - According to a report from Kyodo News, citing official Japanese government documentation, Sony Computer Entertainment knowingly delayed telling the public about the extent of an attack on its PlayStation Network so as not to "bewilder" its customers.

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Max_Dissatisfaction2687d ago

Old news is old. Lets get over it.

caseh2687d ago

Haha who cares, I got 4 free games and 2 months free subscription to PSN Plus out of that incident. :D

Nakiro2687d ago

They made it very clear from the start it was serious which is why the immediately shut down the server.

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yoge2687d ago

Of course they knew it was big but they had to find out what was going on and how bad and how too approach it. You cant blame them for getting there s**t together before addressing the public.

Veeger2687d ago

We still don't know if any personal information left their servers. Anybody came across ANY personal info published online? Hackers published info from other hacks, like Sony Pictures (or was it Sony Music?) but no PSN info. If they had it, I bet they'd share it.

Also, my CC was not abused. I reduced transaction limits and I'd get a message on the phone if somebody tried. Nothing like that happened. The email address I used for PSN wasn't taken either. I still monitor it.

So, where are proofs? Kotaku are desperate for hits. I hope they all lose their jobs and go back to potato growing business they belong to.

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The story is too old to be commented.