8 Bit Was Beautiful

Nightmare Mode takes a look at color, and how its usage has changed over the years.

"Games of old are often remembered for their simplistic, vibrant colour schemes, while many modern games are infamous for their dirty grey-brown visuals. So what’s changed?"

Many things are touched upon, though one interesting postulation is that as gaming evolved, games wanted to be taken more seriously and less as toys.

"Children respond well to colour; that’s why most things intended for them are very vibrant and colourful. It’s because response to colour is very much subconscious and instinctive, and children don’t tend to look behind the design, or think about its effect. This association had built up over time since long before games were made available, and had become a simple, one to one assumption. Many gamers of the time were unwilling to accept that gaming be labelled as ‘for children’, and when they grew up and started developing games, as many did, they made their games much darker, and using different colour schemes, in an attempt to legitimise videogames as a mature medium."

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hiredhelp2686d ago

8bit was the best days. Not lives saves respawns. Games lasted you .you hooked trying to get past that level.

Simonkey752686d ago

Yeah, but they're hard work now. My skills have long since gone with old age - the original Ninja Gaiden's like hitting your head against a brick wall :)

Guess I'm too old to have the patience anymore, Then again in those days one game could last you months - and often had to!

Son_Lee2686d ago

It's funny. You're supposed to get more patient when you get older, but I'm finding that you actually get less patient!

hiredhelp2686d ago

Too true i very much doubt i beable to complete any game of them days. Nutz to think kids go on about how long games are today. Yet in our day thoes games would last a very long time. Thanks to no save data. Unless you had the amiga further on but that was more 16 bit.

As for patients. Lol well i guess we take games for granted today so if i was to replay some old school games i guess mine would be rather thin.

Hmm mind you waiting 10min for tape to load on each game was bit nightmare.