GamesOnDeck: 'Microtransactions - The Future Of Mobile Gaming'

This editorial by Gamevil USA president Kyu C. Lee examines how the broadening microtransactions trend is becoming part of the mobile gaming industry, examining how companies like Gamevil, Nexon Mobile, and Com2us are leading the market trend with mobile games that feature microtransactions.

Microtransactions were a successful trend in the Asian PC gaming market before they ever spread to other platforms and regional markets. But as Lee explains, rampant piracy soon became a problem in Korea, sending the clear message the users were becoming less willing to pay for PC games. Lee illustrates how this crisis quickly became an opportunity for the microtransactions business model:

"Because of this, PC games did not sell well at retail in Korea and companies were not able to make as much money off of this. One of the solutions to this problem was creating online PC games that have a Client-Server Model, which would verify if the user was a subscriber. This became popular for hardcore gamers but didn't effectively target the casual gamers due to the high subscription fee that the people had to pay every month."

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