GameInformer- Alice: Madness Returns Review

GameInformer: "American McGee’s Alice wowed gamers a decade ago with its bizarre visual spin on Lewis Carroll’s Wonderland. The title predated Tim Burton’s gaudy reimagining of the classic property, so the concept of a classic tale turned macabre was fresh and exciting. The sequel, Alice: Madness Returns, arrives with the signature dark flair of the original, but stripping off the stylish straightjacket reveals unstable gameplay that will disappoint all but the staunchest fans of the original.

What starts out as a promising romp through a demented Wonderland devolves into a few good ideas stretched across redundant gameplay. Like any game based on a popular property, there will be those who can overlook Madness Return’s shortcomings and scrape together a good time. To anyone considering picking up Spicy Horse’s latest in hopes of a rewarding adventure coated in psychedelic scenery, Alice’s encore is a disappointment."

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TheLastGuardian20103319d ago

A f'in joke if you ask me. Finished the game tonight, equally as good as the first. Graphics are rough around the edges, frame rate is shaky, combat is a bit meh. But the art direction, the story, the music, and everything that makes alice, alice is there.

Look at the positive reviews and they'll tell you, this game is just as good as Alice 1.

Jack-Dangerously3319d ago (Edited 3319d ago )

Looks up ^^ Lol you sure are passionate about this game bro. I've seen you freakin out on just about every Alice article.

If it was amazing you wouldn't feel the need to talk it up in spite of the reviews.

OT: I for one will definitely be buying this when it's $20 or less. I think even though the game has gotten not too great of reviews it would still be cool to see a twisted Alice in Wonderland story since I loved the cartoon growing up.

schlanz3319d ago

Was thinking the same thing, I mean damn, did he make the game or something? Taking all these average and worse reviews so personally. Average game is average.

Call me crazy but art direction and story are certainly not enough to excuse repetitive, uninspired gameplay.

DOOMZ3319d ago

The game is quite beautiful... I am loving it!