40GB PS3 features 65nm chips, lower power consumption

It's been revealed that the new 40GB PlayStation 3 features more than just a cut down hard disk drive. Sony has also thought to stick the 65nm version of the Cell inside the new console, reducing the power usage down to around 135 Watts (down from 200 Watts.) That means the console also runs cooler and quieter, which is always a plus for a device that usually resides in the living room. Sony also jiggled around a few other components by making the heat pipe smaller, swapping out the motherboard for a new version, and added a button battery to keep time when the system is off. Looks like potential PS3 purchasers will be looking forward to a less noticeable din then.

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Crazyglues4871d ago

Now it's all beginning to make sense.... This was probably the plan all along, take a loss on the earlier PS3's but once the 65nm Chips come out this will now pay off in the long run saving the company millions.

And then maybe even making the PS3 profitable in the future.

scheme_a4871d ago

They've been using the same tactics since PS2.
I'm pretty sure I read news somewhere they took some hits selling first generation PS2s, and then slowly turned into profit after few generations.
The only console in this generation that actually generated profit from the get go is wii. Nintendo usually makes clever choices.

Salvadore4871d ago

The newer model doesn't have ventilation above the USB ports and it has also been said that this newer model is more quiet and consume less power.

masterg4871d ago

I thought that all the PS3 models had the 65nm chip.

AnalFace4871d ago

So why cant MS do that with the elite?

AllroundGamer4871d ago

because they are cheap... the chips i mean, MS is just greedy :)

Wile4871d ago (Edited 4871d ago )

65nm chips are cheaper to manufacture. MS would save money putting them in the console.

barom4871d ago

MS lacks the skills to do it.

Sevir044871d ago (Edited 4871d ago )

early first gen PS3s were 90nm chips. it seemed like 65nm because sony's been good at manufacturing. there product has no little to no failing, so no money was wasted on refurbishing systems. they could consentrate on getting chip cost down for the ps3 as quickly as possible. what took MS almost 2 years to do took sony 11 months... whats more impressive is that if the 40gig has the 65nm chip, it wont be too long before they start making the 80gig in the US with 65nm cell chips, and redesigned interior specs like the 40gig to bring the 80gig down to 400.bucks. when that comes around 40 gig ps3 will be selling for about 299. thats just crazy, a PS3 at that price equals OMG in sales and stuff,

edit @ below. we all knew about MS planning to do 65nm chips since they announced the console, the 360 was taking a hit of 125 per console manufactured. when the console started having RROD problems they said that they'd have it out by late 2007. and to tell you the truth the halo 3 edition 360 and the arcade 350 are the only ones on the market with the 65nm falcon chipset. with that being said what took Sony 11months again took MS nearly 2 years aproxiamtely 21 months

Salvadore4871d ago

Dude, the rumors of nm processors for the 360 started last year. Sony started producing these models because they know that they are going to save millions in the long run, while MS didn't really see the need to release them as they were the only ones in the market.

hac-hunter4871d ago

What do you mean MS didn't SEE A NEED to release a console with 65nm chips?? You mean to say that they were oblivious to all the RRoD and high heat issues with the Xbox 360? MS knew what they had to do, but were either too lazy to implement 65nm chip technology into their console, OR they were not capable of or prepared to implement them that early.

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The story is too old to be commented.