The Game Archaeologist and the What Ifs: True Fantasy Live Online

Massively: As an extremely amateur historian -- and an extremely attractive archaeologist -- I've always been fascinated with the "what ifs" of gaming's timeline. What if Blizzard had pulled the plug on World of Warcraft during development as it did for Warcraft Adventures? What if Hellgate: London had a lot more time and resources before it launched? What if North America had embraced the free-to-play model much earlier instead of the subscription model? What if Shawn came to his senses before he hired me?

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Jdoki2773d ago

True Fantasy Live Online... A ridiculous name, but an intriguing looking game. Was very much looking forward to this. Shame is got canned.

Also think Hellgate got a bum deal. Was (for the most part) a really decent game. Just needed a bit of polish, and a better business model - I really enjoyed it while it lasted.