GamePro- Alice: Madness Returns Review

GamePro: "All in all, Alice: Madness Return is far from a bad game. Stellar art and a darkly unique stage help set it apart from the brown and bloom of this console generation, and Spicy Horse should no doubt be commended for their approach to an underfed genre in the HD-gen platformer. It won't be lauded as one of 2011's great games, but Madness Returns' rich world and twisted design certainly make it one of the year's most bold-- warts and all."

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Jack-Dangerously2686d ago

Now THIS review makes me want to play this game.... I really like the idea of it. There is a book titled "The Book of Lost Things" and it has a bunch of really, really twisted takes on some of the classic fairy tales. Little Red Riding Hood being one of my personal faves...

Looking forward to a price drop and getting a chance to see this creative little world. :)

Son_Lee2686d ago

Same here, man! This looks really creative. I think I'll pick it up when it's $40 or less. Seems like a good Summer game to go along with Catherine and Deus Ex for me.

DOOMZ2686d ago

The game deserves a 9.0/10 guys, beautiful game indeed!

Jack-Dangerously2685d ago

Glad to hear that. I was looking forward to it.

BLAKHOODe2686d ago

I'm enjoying the game. It's basically a hack 'n slash, platformer, but the twisted Wonderland theme makes it interesting and easy to get into. The graphics are a bit washed out, but seem fitting for the kind of atmosphere the game creates. I'm only a few hours into it on Nightmare difficulty and it's been fun. I'm looking forward to spending more time with it.

DOOMZ2686d ago

The game starts out a bit washed out in the graphics department but a lil while in they become lush & beautiful (its a artistic choice in the begining). Im playing it on the 360 & I am loving this game, beautiful, well put together & fun to play!

morganfell2686d ago

Exactly. The early part of the game while she is in the care of Doctor Bumby is almost sepia toned. Not quite but washed out is the right description. But as soon as she follows that white cat....

It was also great to hear Susie Brann back as Alice as well as Roger Jackson as the Cheshire Cat. No one could replace that guy in that role.

I have the original Alice and have not looked at it in some time. I downloaded the DLC version for the PS3 that came free with Madness returns and was surprised. Though the cutscenes have not aged well the in game portions are still quite playable.

DOOMZ2686d ago

The game is damn awesome! Im not sure what build some of these reviewers were playing but the game is much better than they are saying (especially the graphics, wow)... Instant buy guys, go get it!