Many Characters From Atelier Rorona Return In Atelier Meruru

Siliconera writes "We’ve already seen a bunch of characters from Atelier Totori: The Adventurer of Arland in Atelier Meruru. Gust’s next game in the series and the final title in the Arland trilogy includes some of Rorona’s friends too. All pictures below are what the characters look like in Atelier Rorona."

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Redempteur4777d ago

Pamela returns !!!

Just what i need to know that this game is indeed fantastic ...


How to Get Into the Atelier Games in 2019

The Mako Reactor says: “Everything you need to know about getting into the Atelier franchise from best place to start to every new release covered on PS4, Nintendo Switch, and PC.”

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Blank1740d ago

Excellent article! This franchise is amazing I started around the Vita games and have been playing since. But for the newer releases I have lagged behind in purchasing due to my backlog. This great comprehensive article got my bearings straight thanks!

Nerdmaster1740d ago

I always hear good stuff about the Atelier series, but with so many games I didn't feel like actually researching. So this article was a good read, and I may buy Atelier Sophie: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Book in the near future.

patterson1740d ago (Edited 1740d ago )

Atelier Ryaza is looking like it’s going to be the breakout game for the franchise.


Atelier Is the Batman of JRPGs

GeekParty writes: "People like to say that Batman could beat anyone if he had enough time to prepare. With his determination, brilliance, and near-limitless resources, he’ll eventually find a way to conquer any foe. It doesn’t matter if they’re ridiculously overpowered or an omnipotent demigod. If they have a weakness, Batman will find it, and he’ll figure out how to exploit it.

If Batman was a JRPG series, I’m pretty sure he’d be Atelier."

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Last-gen JRPGs you may have missed

GameZone's Mandi Odoerfer writes: "When it comes to JRPGs, developers like Atlus and Monolith Soft have given us plenty of reasons to be excited about the future. However, that doesn't mean we should forget the past. Over the course of the last generation, there were a number of very good games that managed to fly under the radar."

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dedicatedtogamers3828d ago

Resonance of Fate. Amazing battle system that - in my opinion - is what FF13's battle system should've been. I also like how they included The Last Remnant. That game flopped hard. It was way too complex with not enough explanation, but if you get into the game and learn the systems, it's really, really cool.

Another one to add to the list: Radiant Historia.

Lon3wolf3828d ago

Just going through TLR again now on Steam (I lost all my 50+ hr progress last year due to HDD failure and only just felt like starting from scratch). As you say it is quite complex but once you get it you really get it, shame it was so overlooked. Just bought RoF again for my PS3 love the battle system, the map/hex system not so much. Got everything else on that list apart from Arland. Surprised Folklore was not on that list as that appears to be overlooked a lot.

Z5013828d ago

"Resonance of Fate. Amazing battle system that - in my opinion - is what FF13's battle system should've been"

I love the paradigm system of XIII & XIII-2. RoF battle system seemed to be more about guns, ammo & party placement.

In a nutshell. RoF battle system is overly complex. (NOT HARD, just complex) FFXIII's battle system is the opposite.

CLOUD19833828d ago

How they skip to mention Xenoblade? although it got perfect reviews the sales was not so gr8 as it deserve so no brain lot's of JRPG fans skip this game, especially when it's so hard to find a copy or even if u find one u must be ready to pay quite a lot...

Anyway I'm sure lot's of ppl didn't play this game & that's really a shame, I suggest to all JRPG fans out there to play this game maybe a few won't like it but I guarantee that those who do r going to have an unforgettable experience & Xenoblade will become one of their all time favorite games of the previous generation.

Lon3wolf3828d ago

Trouble is finding a copy now that is not over-priced (I live/am looking at UK/Europe territory).

dboyman3828d ago (Edited 3828d ago )

I agree, especially for North America as well. Nintendo bungled up the release for the game, and was impossible to get from the get go ( especially in my area). I know many who prefer to buy the game, had to resort to download the iso to play it. If Nintendo would get a clue, they should do a re-release of the game on the Nintendo Wii or WiiU...

Modi19843828d ago

Lost Odyssey
The Last Remnant

for me there is no x360 if these games not exclusives

Lon3wolf3828d ago

So if The Last Remnant was on Steam (which it is) the 360 ceases to be a good console to you? Or are you talking about console exclusives?

Hicken3828d ago

Well, for myself, Lost Odyssey is one of the few reasons I wanted a 360.

3828d ago
Lon3wolf3828d ago

@Kalkano, yeah I have a 360 (well the kids use it more nowadays) and LO (will play that again soon too) but a PC release would be nice. TLR with a sweetfx config and making a few changes in one of the ini files and it looks real nice (along with fixing the Unreal Engine texture pop in issue).

MWH3828d ago (Edited 3828d ago )

Eternal Sonata was beautiful and fun, if only it wasn't for that ending..

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