GameInformer: Child of Eden Review

GameInformer: "Each of Child of Eden's five archives takes a mere 10 to 25 minutes to complete, putting game length closer to those of downloadable titles. A few unlockables give Child of Eden replay value, including an additional challenge mode level, art and video galleries, and decorations for Lumi's garden in the main menu screen. However the most valuable prize is new visual effects. Selecting a different cosmetic effect drastically changes the aesthetic of each archive, giving the levels a whole new feel.

Though brief, Child of Eden offers one of the most unique Kinect experiences to date. It's unfortunate our time in Eden's gorgeous confines ends too soon."

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Darth Stewie2684d ago

With the 360 version being timed exclusive the PS3 version will definitely not sell well considering it will release at a time where a bunch of the big games will release.

EVILDEAD3602684d ago

Picking mine up later are solid across the board..could be the sleeper title for Ubisoft..great pickup for Kinect