E3 2011: The E3 you didn't see

Bitmob writes "Here's what I hate about E3: It's physically impossible to see everything.

The show floors in South and West Hall only stay open for a grand total of 21 hours. A behind-closed-doors demo lasts between 30 minutes and an hour. Booth tours, where PR cuts you past the lines to see any and every game on site, can go two hours or longer, depending on your thoroughness. And if you don't have that VIP access, you spend an hour or more just waiting in line to play one game."

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SybaRat3307d ago

BloodRayne's sexy and all, but that shot of Reggie Fil-Aime reading the TelePrompTer is priceless.

DV_Bastian3307d ago

Those RAGE mutants and their short shorts are forever singed into my brain. :(