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It's been two years since Jackie Estacado witnessed his girlfriend Jenny get slaughtered by Uncle Paulie and co. Now the Don of the Franchetti crime family Jackie's still trying to make sense of his life only to barely avoid an assassination attempt on his life. Teamed up once again with "The Darkness", Jackie's pissed off more than ever as he's ready to take on the Brotherhood and find out why "The Darkness" is so eager to get out. See what took away from the demo.

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Deadman_Senji3317d ago

Why does Jackie look like Benecio Del Toro?

LouPetridish3317d ago

LOL. Because it helps push sales ;-)

GMAnton3317d ago

I have to say, that voice of Darkness during the demo was creepy. Although maybe its cause we just saw the demo, but the game didn't quite give me the chills. I remember playing FEAR for the first time, now that was scary in some parts.