EA Plagued By Needless Overreactions?

It’s the new scandal of 2011, “Gamers to get special DLC with preorder of Battlefield 3!”. This outrageous and irregular practice is just unheard of! What will the gaming populous do?

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Mr Tretton2772d ago

They got plenty of time to get things back on track

thebudgetgamer2772d ago

it's video games in an online world everything is Plagued By Needless Overreactions?


In other news: Gamers plagued by needless pre-order bullcrap.

Representatives told us "if your game is good people will buy anyway", "it's not like more people will buy it new because of exclusive ammo", "you guys are just breaking the community in smaller groups".

andron2772d ago

Too many whining gamers these days. Save your complaints for something worthwhile...

TheKindRoost2771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )

Some complaints are justifiable though. Stuff like exclusive dlc are pure bs. Last gen, even before that games used to be complete and full of contents. They were unlocked while playing the game and accessible to everyone. Now they're all locked since this dlc crap caught on, and used as nothing more but a marketing tools to squeeze every cent out something that should be accessible to everyone.

andron2771d ago

But this has been EAs business model this gen, so it really shouldn't come as any surprise.

If you don't like this development then vote with your money. Unfortunately more than enough gamers don't care about this and buy dlc anyway. That's why it's here to stay, and no petitions will change that...