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Overstrike is a new 4-player co-op action title coming from the makers of the Resistance series on the PS3. Overstrike takes place in the near future and follows a group of four over-the-top special forces agents that form the unit ‘Overstrike 9′.

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zeal0us2687d ago

4player co-op is good but I still would like to see some gameplay

can the co-op be local or 2local 2online or fully online co-op?

Soldierone2686d ago

I just hope its not another All 4 One title, or some side scrolling or overhead shooting arcade game. Those are so tiring now with PSN being spammed with them...

Bungie is going MMO, I was semi expecting Insomniac to do the same. So hopefully its a full fledged title with these features.

Sevir042686d ago

All 4 one isn't a psn title its a full fledge release, this like all of their games will be bluray, its what they specialize in it would seem kinda underwhelming to go multiplatform and then be tied only to freaking being a DL only title especially when you are known for putting out disc based games. i dont know how you can even get that idea when this trailer shows off such detailing points about its game play.

Soldierone2686d ago

I know it was a full fledged game. Im saying I dont want this game to be like that game.

Im a big Insomniac fan so I wasn't bashing them. simply stating I dont want this game to turn out to be one of those titles. Also didn't state it was going to be a PSN title anywhere....

MaxXAttaxX2686d ago

I didn't get into All 4 One until recently. R&C games are always fun :)

Also, OverStrike is supposed to be a "Third-person action game" as described by Ted Price. So I don't think that means side-scrolling or overhead.
It also means that shooting isn't the only thing you'll be able to do in this game. Which is good.