PR Firm Threatening Journalists For “Venom” Filled Reviews

Joel Taveras writes, "If you haven’t already noticed, much of yesterdays rumblings were all about Duke Nukem Forever reviews. The game that seemed like the butt of every bad joke in the industry for over a decade has finally seen the light of day. The same enthusiast writers that have been waiting for it are among those that have been straight up ripping the title a new one whether it was via twitter or through their own reviews.

In reaction to the all of the talk surrounding the title, The Redner Group, the public relations company handling the Gearbox/2K Games title has released the following “unofficial” statement via the company’s twitter.."

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Jack-Dangerously3315d ago (Edited 3315d ago )

Sounds like a sore loser to me... Regardless of how you feel about this game, he really acted immaturely.

Edit: I made a simple grammatical error and I had to fix it yo.

JoelT3315d ago

If they want to deny people copies of titles on the low then it's whatever, but don't air your dirty laundry in a public forum.

F4sterTh4nFTL3315d ago (Edited 3315d ago )

LA Noire & GTA IV are huge examples

NYC_Gamer3315d ago

why are they acting so butt hurt?

JoelT3315d ago

When you're a PR person handling a title and you score lower than 7 on Metacritic you failed at your job, It's how this industry works.

hazelamy3315d ago

i would have thought it's the developer who failed when a game gets a low score.

CrzyFooL3315d ago

Actually it's anything less than an 8.5

See: Topware Interactive

JohnColaw3315d ago

Man that just makes the companies he represents look bad. I have a feeling he was speaking out of frustration more than anything, but you have to learn that a public forum is not the place to do that.

Bags_BuzzFocus3315d ago

twitter had just become one of those necessary "evils" we all tweet certain things out of frustration. life goes on. name the person who hasn't accidentally sent out an email, text, tweet, fb post, or just said a accidental comment in life and they can cast the first stone. s*it happens.

Tomarcus3315d ago

It's a shame to see PR taking reviews personally.

kevnb3315d ago

Too often the pr people win and big money games get overated... duke nukem is so bad nobody could be bought off to say it was good lol.

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The story is too old to be commented.