New Final Fantasy XIII Screens from Game Informer

The universe of Final Fantasy XIII, like many of Square's others, features a world with large cities in the sky. Airships, monster and magic are also there. Final Fantasy XIII centers around a female protagonist named Lighting who's "the chosen one". Like all Final Fantasy games, you can expect epic story lines and deep emotion. At this point in the development cycle, the company has yet to divulge very much info... except these screenshots.

*Note: These screenshots cannot be linked and must be viewed on the site. Also note that the title on the page says Final Fantasy XII but it is a typographical error. These screens are from FFXIII.

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squallsoft4872d ago

...this is going to be a killer app for sure!

conjurdevil4872d ago

where is that thumbnail pic?

Twizlex4872d ago

The pic I used for the story (on the side there) is not a new screen. I got it off of google because I couldn't get the links for any of the pictures on Game Informer's page.

Darkiewonder4872d ago

Shiva and the blonde guy.
Jump Festa don't disappoint me now ;(

Jinxstar4872d ago

This looks sweet. Anyway Back to Ratchet and Clank for me.

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The story is too old to be commented.