GamesRadar: Don’t worry, this is still the SSX you love

We’ll admit publisher EA's first footage from the SSX reboot scared the hell out of us. It's not that we're intensely opposed to revision and reinvention; we're reasonable folks, after all. But the grim, almost military-themed tone really threw us for a loop. Seeing and playing the game for ourselves at E3, though, it's hard to know where any of that even came from. SSX may lack much of the artificial neon glow that defined earlier entries, but once you vault off a powder-coated cliff and start cranking out sickening rotations, it's like immediately snapping back into a comfort zone with an old friend you haven't seen in years. Like, your best friend.

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Urrakia342680d ago

This game is starting to look quite promising. I'm even starting to become convinced to pick it up.

earbus2680d ago

I allways liked amped better bargin binner for me this one ,better yet preowned.