E3 2011 Video Discussion: Are the Wii U and Vita any good? (GameXplain)

GameXplain: "We discuss everything E3 2011 in our video discussion. Join us as we talk about the Wii U, Sony Vita, the 3DS line-up, and more!"

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Dash Reindeer3750d ago

Hmm hard to say what my favorite E3 was, but 2001 was pretty good!

bearsfaan3750d ago

Are they ANY good? Yes. Will I buy them? Eh, probably not.

Samus HD3750d ago

Nintendo is always good
I buy it only for his first Party Games
Mine favorite game though is Super smash Bros
Can't wait for another SSB game ( and now in HD)
I don't care for call of duty or games something like this that i can run them in my Strong PC :D

Eternalb3750d ago

Smash on 3DS too, though I'm not sure why the series never went to DS. I'm sure a port of the N64 version was more than capable on the hardware.