Game Guys 3 Impressions: Madden 12

As one would expect, EA Sports is saying that its Madden franchise will be better than ever with the upcoming release of Madden 12 onto the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PS2, PSP, Nintendo Wii, and iOS. But is it really?

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TheSoundDefense2686d ago

When I was at 505 Games, they showed off NFL Backbreaker Vengeance, which had amazing procedurally-generated tackles. Why can't Madden do that?

showtimefolks2686d ago

they don't like improving things by a lot every year they show a gimmick new feature and next year they remove it.

espn and ea has a exclusive deal yet we see nothing on nfl live or sports center etc,,,,and we get a half ass nfl network show that show no highlights.

its so frustrating to know that espn nfl 2k5 could do so much more on old tech that ea can get done with high tech consoles.

this year they are finally improving franchise mode by how much we will know after release.

be a pro mode should be a center piece of madden look how how good mlb the show does the be a player mode.

one major issue i have with both madden and ncaa football is how artificial the sidelines looks they all look like stand card boxes not actual players. there is not reaction on side lines when their teams score TD or get a huge stop etc,,,,

i gave up on madden a long time ago along with most other ea sports titles. and as much as people love fifa i was and always will be a pro-evo fans just because the gameplay is so much better

hopefully 2012 is the year EA can bring madden franchise back to its 2004 glory days