Prey 2 – Would you have preferred a true sequel? says: It is one of the most anticipated games for us here at Pwngamer, purely on the idea of being an alien bounty hunter set in an open futuristic world, and of course having boots with mini jet rockets that allow you to fly — that is just too cool a gadget. But, the question will come up for all gamers who have played the original Prey, what does this sequel actually have in common with the first installment?

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Kon3305d ago

This sounds much more exciting than a 'true' sequel.

N4GAddict3304d ago

Exactly. It seems like the successor to Dues Ex when I saw it at E3

EVILDEAD3603304d ago

It's taken too long for them to revive the old plotline.

In fact, who knew they would expand the universe creatively in this way. Other than Tommy appearing (which is full of F-ing win) this really could have been called anything.

Prey was one of my fave games this gen..period. Unfortunately it dropped early against the big dogs when it was released and was overlooked. Can't wait for the sequel.


reznik_zerosum3304d ago

first prey was mediocre so we need change

DA_SHREDDER3305d ago

the only true sequels that ever come out anymore of from shitty ass milked franchises. I'm still waiting on Skies of Arcadia 2, but all I got was Vyse playing a non important role in Valkyria Chronicles and Sonic rehashes.

wallis3304d ago

Not only does this look better but -

a) it's being made by the same people

b) they've said in interviews Tommy will feature.

c) they've also said it actually ties up with the first prey since you see the same plane getting sucked up during the first prey.

Despite how Gears of War and Halo treat story arcs the traditional thing to do is to wrap up a narrative in one installment and then take things forward in a different direction with a sequel. Prey 2 is set in the same universe and has a lot running on from the previous one but simply uses the world as a vehicle for a new tale and a new character whilst also expanding gameplay to provide an enjoyable and radically cool new experience.

I think you'll find what we're getting IS a true sequel, and I for one, am very fucking happy that Tommy isn't the protagonist because in case no one remembers this from the last game but HE FLEW INTO THE FUCKING SUN!

WhiteLightning3304d ago

I think seeing him is differen't from playing him.

If he's going to be in it I honestly don't understand why they didn't just continue his story.

wallis3304d ago

In the centre of the fucking sun which NO ONE SEEMS TO REMEMBER!

Carnage3304d ago

I understand that the game-play need a revamp but why change the protagonist? Yeah Tommy was a brat at first but at the end of the game he really grows up and that is what I wanted to see in the second one.

To be honest I am just upset that they couldn't stick with their Native-American protagonist.

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The story is too old to be commented.