May Games Sales Down 20% - This Is Why

NPD has reported that game sales are down 20% this May compared to last year. Shocking? Many websites seem to think so, but it really isn’t.

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romancer2682d ago (Edited 2682d ago )

There are better articles about the NPD sales figures for May -- but whether they get approved remains to be seen.

The authors of this hasty story state: "this year, LA Noire, another Rockstar game failed to meet expectations and therefore didn’t sell as well as expected."

Without attribution, this sentence is meaningless. failed to meet whose expectations? LA Noire cannot be compared to Red Dead Redemption in any case; it is in a completely different genre and broke new ground technically. Rockstar is to be congratulated for backing a risky venture instead of sticking to formulaic games.

LA Noire is continuing to sell quite well -- and i have not heard any major market analyst or critic calling it a "failure" as this article implies. It is ridiculous to expect LA Noire to carry the entire month of May 2011 sales on its back -- when the market is in a general slump across all platforms.

There are deeper reasons for the lackluster sales of late; including an economy that make some people think twice before spending a lot on expensive games; there is considerable growth in mobile games and indie games (both much cheaper means of entertainment).

NYC_Gamer2682d ago

video gaming is too expensive for many right now