How Bad Is Duke Nukem Forever? Find Out Tonight!

GameBlurb writes, "Tonight we’ll be live streaming Duke Nukem Forever for your pleasure to cringe at. Drop by and check it out at 9:45 EST!"

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RahatR2685d ago

I'm all out of bubble gum.

PattHpapong2685d ago

I guess I'll see why so many ppl think it's bad

Parapraxis2685d ago

Your link in the article is borked.

Jack-Dangerously2685d ago

Lol we've got same Haze lovers in the hizzy it would seem.

jony_dols2685d ago

I'm sure if Haze had a 13 year dev time and a hundred mill budget, it would have been a pretty decent game....

Then again games with long dev cycles & massive budgets don't always turn out the best. Just look at poor ol' Too Human!

Bathyj2685d ago

Ravens just being Raven. ei Hatin on a PS3 game.

Truth is, Haze had decent graphics and solid gameplay. I'd rather play that than a 5 hour dick joke.

Bathyj2685d ago

Why is all this bad press only just coming out now?

Havent there been months worth of previews that should have picked up on the stench this game gave off, or were they all too busy wearing rose tinted glasses with nostalgia in their eyes to notice?

Personally, I cringed when I heard the game had been picked up again and was finally going to be released. I figured it was better off being left untouched or started again from scratch with a new title to distance itself from this wreck.

Oh well, its all over now. At least the biggest joke in the gaming industry finally has a punchline, but DNF will always mean Did Not Finish to me.

Baka-akaB2685d ago

that's because the press is worthless and mostly a big advertising sign .

Remember the boatloads of complaints about Assassin creed 1 at launch ?

How come none of those guys see the flaws after spending so much time with it in previews , conferences demos etc etc ?

Jacobite2684d ago

Strange thing why turn on the game now, did these people not get to play Alpha copies before the game came out or even a demo. I must admit Ive only played DNF for a wee while just over a couple of hours the game seems fine to me not great maybe average at worse not bad in anyway, now Crysis 2 I can moan my A$$ off to and thats been played 3 times through."the game being a joke" ? what were you wanting the second coming of Christ or this is lets join the bandwagon eh!!!! you happy now Im going to have a cup a tea since you added to my lousy day thank you very much Anti Duke Nukem Guy lol only joking but you where way to harsh.

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