Beyond Good & Evil HD MIA From PlayStation Store Update

Beyond Good & Evil HD was originally scheduled to launch on the PlayStation Store in May but was delayed due to the PSN Hack. Once Sony got their systems running at full speed it was announced that the title would hit the PSN last week on June 8th. When the title failed to release with that update many gamers expected that it would be available with tonight’s update. The PlayStation Blog has posted up tonight’s PlayStation Store Update and sadly it looks like BG&E HD is still missing from the lineup.

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Optical_Matrix2682d ago

You sure about that? I could have SWORN that I saw it on the store when I went to download SSFIV Arcade Edition from the 'Latest' section

Nitrowolf22682d ago

There is a demo of it, IDK if EU has it but USA does not have the full game

ChronoJoe2682d ago

I saw it on there. EU store.

Emilio_Estevez2682d ago

Bet its an error, someone point it out to sony so they can fix

byeGollum2682d ago

it's on the EU store for us both demo and full game.

TheDivine2682d ago

BS i want it and gatlin gears come on sony WTF. Finnally got outland which rocks and picked up under siege which is fun but pretty darn frustrating.

baldulf2682d ago (Edited 2682d ago )

It was in the EU store, it even had a discount for plus members.

Did they remove it or something?