In 5 Minutes Podcast: Duke Nukem Forever Review

The team review Duke Nukem Forever in just 5 minutes.

It’s been a long, 14 year wait to see if Duke Nukem Forever is actually going to be the critically acclaimed hit that many thought it would be (or like PC Gamer would have you believe with it’s 80% score), but here’s what our team had to say.

Here’s some highlights from the show

“It would have been worth the wait, in 1998… it would have revolutionized gaming in 1998 – just like Halo did… because it’s just like the original Halo… because it’s stolen everything from it.”

“It’s average in everything it does.”

“It’s like watching a car crash.”

“All they’ve done… is get the 6-7-8 year old code and said ‘Lets polish this turd and make money off it’”

“The textures and graphically it’s fine, but aesthetically it’s boring – it looks like a five or six year old game…. Snake Eater on PS2 looks better than Duke Nukem Forever”

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