Kazuma Kujo Studio Plans PS3, PS Vita Support

Andriasang: Former Irem superstar Kazuma Kujo provided some hints yesterday on what he and his new Granzella studio are working on as their first projects (see this story for details). This week's Famitsu has come through with additional details.

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a_bro3305d ago

keep the support coming guys.

sinncross3305d ago

Supporting Android? You know, this may very well be the first hint of a developer possibly working on PS Suite.

I really hope at GamesCom Sony solidify their PS Suite plans.

MasterCornholio3305d ago

good to see that the Vita is receiving a good deal of support from 3rd party devs. The only thing that worries me about the Vita are multiplatform games between it and the 3DS.

Spitfire_Riggz3305d ago (Edited 3305d ago )

What if the multiplatform games are between it, the PS3 and the 360? =) that would be sweeeeet

MasterCornholio3305d ago

yeah that would be great. I hope that one day bethesda might bring a portable version of an elder scrolls game to the Vita. Would be awesome to play Skyrm on the go.

The reason why i say that about the 3DS is because of its weaker hardware. And knowing how devs are they usually develop the game for the weaker console first (because its cheaper) then port it over to the most powerful one. It happend countless times during the PS2s generation (even though the PS2 was a fantastic console it was the weakest of the 3)

Graphics3305d ago

Isn't 3ds supposedly capable of ps3/360 like graphics ? I remember reading that when 3ds was 1st revealed. I also played Super Street Fighter 4 on it and it looked identical to the console version except for static background.

mafiahajeri3305d ago

This is whats got me excited about the vita there are many games that are exclusive to it and that you cant play any where else I mean uncharted golden abyss is enough for me to buy it.

Also alot of developers are coming on board and are making games intended for the vita. This is what will set it apart from the PSP.

And the grpahics I still cant my mind round how there capable on a small device like that just look at how gorgeous tekken vs street fighter looks...

plmkoh3305d ago

Oh this guy, I like his games.

NellyNel_7_1_33305d ago

Awesome! Now we just need to see the games!

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