Nintendo success inspires first ever 'Girls Guide to Gaming'

Publisher of new title criticizes 'old boy's club' mentality of the past

Gaming's march into the mainstream has taken another significant step with the release of The Girls' Guide to Gaming.

Publisher Black Dog Media has told MCV that the new title has only been made possible by the runaway success of Nintendo formats DS and Wii, and has criticised the 'boys only' mentality of ther past.

"By marketing the Nintendo DS as a console for the entire family whilst Sony pushed the PSP as the latest new cool 'boy toy', the battle between the two was over before it could begin," said Black Dog's James Gale.

"Nintendo didn't want to fight over the same demographic as Sony, so they created a complete new one, a market in which it wasn't only boys that played games."

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BrotherNick4871d ago (Edited 4871d ago )

It's nice that my gf can play games with me now instead of wondering when I'm going to sleep. It makes games accessible... gonna get ddr for us now. :P