EA Pulls Crysis 2 from Steam Store, Now ‘Only On Origin’

The digital distribution wars just got personal for EA: they’ve pulled Crysis 2 from the Steam store. It’s now available on the company’s Origin service, labeled as an exclusive offering.

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Christopher2735d ago

Wait... DA2 and Crysis 2 are listed as $60 games. I know I bought DA2 on PC for only $50 on Steam, the usual price for PC games. Why are they $60 from EA? Shouldn't it be no more than $50 considering they're completely removing the middle man?

I don't mind EA sticking all their games on their own service to promote it, I can still play them with Steam enabled. But, if they're removing the middleman _and_ raising prices, that's over the line.

Ducky2735d ago (Edited 2735d ago )

Isn't that $10 usually for console versions because of some publishing fees or something?

Most PC games still launch at $50 (check out the 'Coming Soon' section on Steam).
A few publishers such as Activision and EA have decided to go for the $60 price. People end up buying the game anyways so they figure they might as well make more profit.

EliteAssass1n2735d ago

Looks like I won't ever be playing Crysis 2.

Christopher2735d ago (Edited 2735d ago )

@FatOldMan: Exactly. Licensing fees and a little extra to go with it (~$5 for licensing fees and ~$5 extra profit). I'm fairly certain most PC games will still release at $50 (*looks at CoD releasing at $60, though*). Heck, you can get the PC download of DA2 on for $50 still, but EA's Origin site lists it at $60.

darksied2735d ago

Ubisoft, EA, Activision ... there's others too. They all list their new titles for $60. It's the times, I guess. They see the extra money coming it and they're like "more please!"

MAJ0R2735d ago

if you do this to BF3 EA I will... well I don't know but I'll be super pissed and won't be playing BF3 the way I was going to

gamingdroid2735d ago

Although EA has every right to pull their games from others service, it is incredibly stupid to do so. Way to go minimizing exposure of your game!

EA doesn't have enough clout to do this.... The only game I'm buying from EA anyhow is Mass Effect 3 and maybe Dead Space 2 (if it goes low enough and is the LE). Otherwise, EA can go fekk themselves.

SweatyFlorida2735d ago

Well regular console users pay $60 all the time since this gen started. and PC are supposed to have the superior version of the games so why should they get special treatment and pay less than consoles?? Think EA finally realized this and jumped on board.

But this makes it clear that Steam is better than Origins.

iamgoatman2735d ago


When EA releases a game on either of the consoles they have to pay license fees to Microsoft and Sony to do so, which is why you see the price difference. If EA now decide to increase their PC game prices to match those of consoles then they're essentially raking in another $10-20 in profit, which isn't fair to PC gamers.

I doubt regular console users would appreciate a $20 price hike knowing all that extra dough is going straight into EA's pockets either.

evrfighter12735d ago (Edited 2735d ago )

that's pretty ballzy of EA.

but this is how it works EA. If it's not on steam. I as a customer do not buy it. that's just way too much software I need on my pc.

and now Origin???

I want all my games on one central platform. When it comes to BF3 I hope someone at EA has a head on their shoulders. I'd rather buy it retail than go through another client.

Ducky2735d ago

^ You *might* have to go through their client if they get ballsy enough.

You know how a steamworks game works right? What if EA copied that and made it so that all BF3 purchases have to be activated on Origin?

Rhythmattic2735d ago (Edited 2735d ago )

For digital delivery... a US $60 game, taking into account the exchanged rate and adding GST it should be around $62 - 65 Aussie dollars.

DeadSpace/Crysis2/Mass Effect 3 and more .... $80..

I Still cant beleive it !!!! OMG

$80 on the Oz store ??????? GO F yourself EA !!!

Persistantthug2735d ago

So did Dead Space 2, Crysis 2, and most other EA Games.

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Megaton2734d ago

I've bought plenty of their titles on Steam. I don't own Mass Effect 2's DLC simply because they don't have it on Steam. They force you to buy "BioWare points" on their site.

I think I'll go with Demonoid instead of Origin for all future EA titles.

Kon2735d ago

I always bought my EA games from EA Store, i don't see it as a problem.

dirthurts2735d ago

I personally don't like the idea of using more than one download client. I want all my stuff running in steam.
It's reliable, and simple.

user8586212735d ago (Edited 2735d ago )

^ pretty much this, its only steam for pc games or nothing

Ironic this news comes out and Darkspore is on sale on steam :/

darksied2735d ago

Most of my EA titles are either from the EA store or actual retail stores. It might not be the popular opinion, but I also like their store (not really the store, but the EA download manager). Say what you want about EA, but they did make a good client in the EA download manager (or Origin, if they're calling it that now). One activation, unlimited installs, DOESN'T NEED TO BE RUNNING = happy me.

radphil2735d ago

"I always bought my EA games from EA Store, i don't see it as a problem."

It increased in price from the previous location.

Ducky2735d ago (Edited 2735d ago )

It is worthy of noting that if you check the BF3 page on Origin, it states that the Back2Karakand free expansion is only valid on Origin.
This might explain why D2D's pre-order doesn't list the expansion and why steam has yet to make BF3 available.

I suppose EA realizes that they have a killer line-up coming up and want to take the opportunity to pull PC players to their platform. Wouldn't be surprised if they keep their future games exclusive to origin.

I just hope Origin behaves like the old EADM in that I don't have to leave it running at all time just to play a game.

Surprised about the Crysis2 thing. You'd think with all the publishing partnerships Valve and EA have had, the two would play nice together.

Theo11302735d ago

Orgin beta doens't require you logging in to play.

On topic, This seems really strange, Orgin or Ea only sell EA games on their store, so how is this going to take consumers from steam, steam has multiple publishers, and it's a great. I just don't see why they think having a service for just their set of game is beneficial to them.

Ducky2735d ago

^ Having their own store means the sale revenue goes directly to them (instead of a retailer/distributor getting a cut of the pie)

I think Activision does this with a few digital games such as Starcraft2.

I'm not sure what they plan to do with Origin. Whatever it is, I hope they keep running the client optional. I tried Origin and it seems to eat more memory than steam. Though I did like it's visual look.

Pandamobile2735d ago

Guess I'll have to buy BF3 retail :(

Ducky2735d ago (Edited 2735d ago )

I've bought a couple of games from the old EA Store, as Theo above you said, it doesn't currently work like Steam or GFWL.

The game essentially behaves like a retail game (except that, you can download it from EA's Download Manager whenever you want). So if anything, it's better than steam since you don't need any other clients running to launch the game.
I was going to buy BF3 from origin anyways (along with BF2142), assuming they don't make it obligatory to have the origin client running.

Though if the physical warfare pack ends up being retail-exclusive, you might as well go for retail for the extra items. Though I'd expect EA to make the pack available on Origin too.

bumnut2734d ago

I already ordered battlefield 3 from retail, I paid £23 which is a pretty good deal.

How can it be cheaper on disc than dd?

BubbleSniper2735d ago (Edited 2735d ago )

who cares? Crysis 2 was a pile of failure.

on the other hand... it leaves me worried whether EA will take out more games...

badjournalism2735d ago

I smell anti-competitive practices....

B1663r2735d ago

How is it anti-competitive to pull your game off of the largest internet store and try selling it yourself?

Im all ears, please do tell.

Christopher2735d ago

I gotta admit, I know badjournalism meant well with his statement, but I did get a pretty big chuckle at it because it didn't make any sense to me either.

RememberThe3572735d ago (Edited 2735d ago )

Taking a popular products and isolating it to one vendor is anti-competitive. The other vendors cant compete because they don't have the product, hense the prefix "anti". Trying to sell it yourself is not anti competitive but only selling it yourself is. I could understand if they were a small dav and selling it themselves was the only way to do it but they're EA. Instead of getting the great deals you'd get from Steam or other DD providers your stuck with EA's 59.99 pricetag because there is no competition to lower the price.

Christopher2735d ago

***Taking a popular products and isolating it to one vendor is anti-competitive. ***

Only if doing so would result in an imbalance in said market. For example, it isn't anti-competitive when only one broadband carrier offers a specific phone, such as the iPhone for its first few years out on the market.

Steam already controls the majority of digital PC game sales in North America. Removing EA games won't change this.

RememberThe3572735d ago

But the concept is sound. Having the iPhone only with AT&T was anti competitive because no one could compete with product pricing. Now, Verizon has the iPhone AT&T dropped the price to 49.99. Those whole point is competition. If a business practice removes competition than it's anti-competitive by nature. Whether it's right or wrong in an other issue but it is what it is.

You seem to be looking at it from the perspective of the seller not the consumer. The consumer doesn't care if Steam is the biggest DD provider, the consumer cares if they're getting a good deal. Keeping products exclusivity to one seller doesn't allow good deals to happen.

Taking away pricing competition is anti-competitive.

Christopher2735d ago

*** Now, Verizon has the iPhone AT&T dropped the price to 49.99.***

That happened because it's the 3GS phone and practically no one is buying it anymore since the iPhone 4 is out. That did not happen because Verizon was added.

For example, the iPhone 4 is still the same price it was when it was originally released on AT&T, just now the same price with both service providers.

*** If a business practice removes competition than it's anti-competitive by nature.***

But it doesn't remove competition. You can still buy this for the PC at other retailers. They only limit the digital distribution of it, which is far from enough to make a claim of anti-competitive practices.

***Taking away pricing competition is anti-competitive.***

Crysis 2 @ Origin EA: $59.99

Crysis 2 @ $51.96 on disc or $47.99 as download

Removing it from Steam doesn't remove your options for buying the PC game.

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mrv3212735d ago (Edited 2735d ago )

What in the world is Valve competing about the FIRST I've heard of origina was at EA's confrence and I can't tell if it's new or old.

EA, realize a great deal of profit can be made by selling their stuff at 100%

HOWEVER They fail to see that there's a great deal of cost involved, update, dlc, anti-cheat... you get the picture. IT COSTS A LOT OF MONEY. Something Valve has overcome BY HAVING A LOT OF PEOPLE SENDING THEIR GAMES IN.

Ok, ok... battlefield 3 will still sell, but really EA do you even for one second think ANYONE will turn on your store daily? People will log-in to buy BF3 and only use it to play BF3. They won't use it to buy other stuff.... like your indie games, the ones that don't have a 200 million ad budget. So after this do you think Valve will just let you release the smaller games on their store while you keep the big ones for yourself?

Activision are the only ones who can create a store, they chose not to... they aren't big enough. YOU AREN'T BIG ENOUGH. Suck it up, your losing 30% to Sony and Microsoft and more to retailers, lose however much Valve charges you. YOU CAN'T CONTROL PC NOT NOW.

EDIT: Did not know about Activision and that's the point, not many people will know.

Also, updating system can be VERY costly indeed, as can a lot of thing Valve provides, the back-end to steam is beyond belief... It's not just some dude on a computer type titles, it's many people on servers etc, you need a support line. While some may not see it as valuable but for users having a hub is brilliant.

Ducky2735d ago (Edited 2735d ago )

"They fail to see that there's a great deal of cost involved, update, dlc, anti-cheat."

To be fair, the costs involved are just server maintenance. Updates and DLC aren't all that different from general game downloads (although I don't think Origin has auto-updates/patching yet)
Anti-cheat isn't provided by the digital distributor.

Activision does have it's own digital store. So do a lot of other publishers.

EDIT: Yea, steam's function is bigger, but it also handles a lot more games from various publishers.
EA has been running their Store for quite a while now, and they feel they're ready to take the next step with Origin. They'll only be handling EA games by the looks of things, so they should have an easier workload than steam.

darksied2735d ago

Here's how I see it: I say let them do whatever they want. It's not affecting me, since I've bought things from the EA store before and I really like their download manager (better than the steam client in some ways, worse in others).

BUT ... if they want to keep getting my business, especially if they're selling their games exclusively from here on in, then they need to be competitive with their prices. If not, I'll just go to amazon or retail stores. If I can get a game cheaper on amazon than I can on the Origin or EA store thing, then I'll go to amazon every time.

GrilledCheeseBook2735d ago

Valve games if I remember correct, digitally are only sold on Steam

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dirthurts2735d ago

They just cut a huge chunk of their market out right there...
That was pretty idiotic, not to mention greedy.