IGN Rewind Theater: Uncharted 3 - E3 Trailer

Check out all the goodies and hints hidden in the latest trailer from E3 2011 for the new game Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception in IGN Rewind Theater.

WARNING:Kind of spoilery.



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longcat2772d ago

erm...there are some plot spoilers in this video.

I stopped audio because of that - be warned

Focker4202772d ago

Not watching, must remain spoiler free until november...

PLAYER50952772d ago

cant wait for this game day 1...still need to play the 2nd one tho

Jack-Dangerously2772d ago

Lol I've played the second but not the first. Since I traded my Uncharted 2 in a long time ago so I'm waiting and hoping that that Uncharted bundle thing I saw comes out soon.

FAGOL2772d ago

WARNING SPOILERS: As I have said in the description this video contains some possible spoilers.

longcat2772d ago

i clicked straight to source, so i never saw your warning.

Maybe put warning in title next time?

FAGOL2772d ago

I regret not putting it in the title. I'm going to add a spoiler notice in a update in the description. Hopefully the red background will attract more attention to it.

longcat2772d ago

No real harm and learn i guess

Jack-Dangerously2772d ago

Wish I hadn't watched that -_-....

Ugh I couldn't stop myself...

Oh, and Colin annoys me to no end.

Laika2772d ago

greg annoys me to no end

UP2772d ago

I like both Greg and Colin. They love vidya games and Uncharted. Its better then to have someone who hates both those games to do the video.

Jack-Dangerously2772d ago

Good point. :) I do like Greg. Colin has his good moments too. He can come off kinda jerky sometimes. Not enough to keep me from enjoying Podcast Beyond though!

metsgaming2772d ago

This should be removed because of its spoilers but then again its N4G nothing will get done at all or way to late.

Focker4202772d ago (Edited 2772d ago )

Ummm why?? They do trailer rewinds all the time, and it clearly states that there are spoilers. If you dont want the spoilers, don't watch the video. In fact don't even look at any of the comments because they may contain spoilers as well. Some people might be interested so they should be denied because you don't want to see spoilers?? Sorry but i don't think so.

Kon2772d ago

It has a warning. Nobody is forcing you to watch. Kids..

KingDustero2772d ago

Technically there aren't any more spoilers in than there were from the trailer itself. EVERYTHING that is said plot wise is pure speculation.

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The story is too old to be commented.