Lobbying group believes gamers need exceptions to DMCA

From the article: "Are gamers affected by the Digital Millennium Copyright Act? The Entertainment Consumers Association argues that they are. The group has just announced its support for the FAIR USE Act in an attempt to make the world safe for backing up game discs."

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Cat4872d ago

the legacy of ridiculousness in legislation will only continue. from the illegality of playing music that others can hear (oh, yes, technically that's actionable, if near-impossible to prosecute, thanks RIAA), to relentless software laws, everyone can look forward to some unintentional legal rebellion. or intentional. revolution!

Kholinar4872d ago

I remember a quote I read once that said that Americans would put up with the loss of most any right (speech, press, religion, etc.) except the right to consume.

It's sad if true, but at least then there's something left.

d3l33t4872d ago

using gamers as a vehicle to pass special interest legislation, what is next? i love politics

Kholinar4872d ago

Using gamers to pass consumer protection legislation. The original DMCA was "special interest" legislation, this is just making it a tiny bit more fair to consumers.

At some point the media conglomerates have to realize that we won't just continue to buy copies of things just because it gets scratched. The current law only works to prevent soccer moms from backing up their disney dvds before their kids scratch them. Pirates get around it and will always do so. It's time to quit calling consumer control "anti-piracy". They're not the same thing.

d3l33t4872d ago

i couldnt agree with you more. Technology has cut their multi billion dollar industry a new a$$ hole. A good thing to because they make far to much off consumers anyway. It's robbery!

IntelligentAj4872d ago

The advent of technology just makes record companies think carefully about releasing garbage just to make money. People can pirate something instead of paying $15 to hear 2 or 3 tracks. Most labels don't market good music, they market garbage and then get mad when people don't buy it.