Marston or Phelps? A Comparison of L.A. Noire and Red Dead Redemption

Rockstar Games is hitting its stride now. Two straight games that are genre defining, and potentially revolutionary, they’ve released now, both of which to fan and critical acclaim. But which one is better? Team Bondi’s homage to film noire or Rockstar San Diego’s western classic?

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xtremegamerage3315d ago

Haven't played l.a. noire, but have completed RDR and i really enjoyed it. alot more then i thought i would. I'm not really into openworld games, but it did the story and action so well. I'd advise anyone to play rdr.

Hellsvacancy3314d ago

Red Deads better imo, LA Noires "alright" its just abit......samey

Pixel_Enemy3314d ago

I liked both, sadly they both ended in a similar way..

Pintheshadows3314d ago

RDR is better but they are very, very different games.

MinusTheBear3315d ago

Marston didn't cheat on his wife.

Linko643314d ago

Did not like either of them, fonud both to be dull.

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