Buy 2 Get 1 Free Video Games

GameStop has a buy two and get one video game free sale going on right now on the store. Only select games are included in the sale, but most of these games are popular high-end titles. It’s not very often you can get a brand new game for free so don’t miss this limited time sale.

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Eades2683d ago

Ahhhhhh damn it! If I didn't buy pretty much every game on releasse day I'd be ALL over this. An amazing deal to be sure!

Jack-Dangerously2683d ago

Same feelings here. It IS a good deal. Pretty good range of genres.

darthv722683d ago

they are offering a by 2 get 1 coupon to those who sign up for the gamestop card. I used to do the edge thing years ago but found I wasnt buying enough to justify to membership.

If they are offering this on the online store then the one for the local stores isnt to far off.

archemides5182683d ago (Edited 2683d ago )



pretty sure that's how gamestop online gets their stock...from crap sent back to the warehouse from stores because they DON"T WORK...i'm speaking from experience here; burned TWICE on b2g1, when once should have been enough

2683d ago
skyblue142132682d ago (Edited 2682d ago )



That is why I don't buy used games online from gamestop because I don't know what I am getting. If I am going to buy from gamestop I will go to one of their retail stores, that way I make sure that I am buying a game(s) in complete condition(ie: game case, game box art insert, manual, and the condition of the disc is in decent-good condition).

I only buy from gamestop if they they have good deals on games like buy 2 get 1 free deals, or if they have a good price on a game(s). I am picky when it comes to buying games as the game has to be in complete condition(ie: game case, game box art insert, manual, and the condition of the disc is in decent-good condition) or else I wont buy it.

On rare occasions I buy from other retail stores, but usually I buy gaming related stuff from online stores like amazon, ebay, etc... and I have saved quite a bundle of money and put more money in the seller's pocket shopping online for my gaming needs.

Yukicore2682d ago

It's just marketing, they offer those free-games games on the deal ''buy 2 get 1 free'' that are not being bought as much as other games, and are not with bad reviews. They are getting more clients, selling more games, getting more interest from game publishing companies, so they are getting some pre-order bonuses offers and more and they buy in games for less, because of quantity discount

archemides5182682d ago (Edited 2682d ago )

to the dude who buys ps3 games, I ONLY BUY PS3 GAMES

and there was scratches on one like you WOULDN"T BELIEVE.

and other times the discs weren't burned right so they couldn't be read, but looked fine.

but yes 6 out of 6 games i got from gamestop online b2g1 were ps3 games and they were all defective in some way, and were all MARKED AS DEFECTIVE with stickers saying "defective, return to warehouse", except they tried to cover over those stickers with blank white ones so you couldn't read it.

and to yukicore: yes they're doing that, but also GETTING RID OF CRAP STock

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TheFodi2683d ago

There are quite a few titles here that I'd really like to own. Renting is just not satisfying.

Kran2683d ago

GOD DAMN YOU AMERICA! Why cant I live in america? :( So many good deals.

ShoryukenII2683d ago

I hate them too. It's all right, I'm going to China soon. I heard they're going to take over the world by 2020. Gotta stay prepared! ;)

Yukicore2682d ago

Stop listening to this bullshit, everyone is trying to take over others property. Besides that must be some kind of joke because in China there are WAY too much people for their size of area/country, there is just not enough free space, so some of the people move in nearby countries.

bangoskank2683d ago

Halo Reach is the only interesting game besides GOW III-which I already have.

fooxy2683d ago

here we go gamestop tricking people trying to make em belie that they get 3rd game free while they actually paying for it with 2 overpriced selected titles

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