Sony Employee Pokes Fun at Microsoft/Kinect

The fact that Microsoft said all its future games will eventually be compatible with Kinect is a bit worrying. The company’s E3 press conference mainly focused on the motion sensor and gamers in general were left with a bitter taste that the corporation is focusing and putting too much emphasis on the peripheral. A Sony employee has taken notice of Microsoft’s plans to utilize Kinect for all of its future games.

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Why o why4493d ago

this dude doesnt represent the whole of sony even if he's saying what many feel. Ive not yet heard of a MS employee taking the piss out of the psn outage which they bloody well could of..

To that employee,

show some decorum


Kran4493d ago (Edited 4493d ago )


Its the gamers that poke the fun. If he wants to keep his job, he is to keep his mouth shut. As somebody told me, a lot of the time, Sony and Microsoft try their hardest not to get in each others way. There are just those few bumps.

news4geeks4493d ago (Edited 4493d ago )

All he said was 'thank god I don't work for microsoft'. Understandable that a developer wants to have creative freedom and with sony he gets that. With microsoft he is forced to create around kinect which has yet to show anything interesting and is barely playable for most hardcore games. I bet Peter Molyneux wishes he could say the same.

Clarence4493d ago

Its not that serious he just said "He's glad he doesn't have to work for M$." He's right. Certain developers might not want every game to be used with kinect. Which is what M$ want to do. He's job is definitely not in jeopardy.

SilentNegotiator4493d ago (Edited 4493d ago )

He made a twitter post, saying that he's glad he doesn't work for microsoft so that he doesn't have to employ a stupid peripheral in ALL of his future titles.

Oh yeah, that's horrible. This needs an entire article.

Like 'news4geeks' said. Oh noes! He wants creative freedom when developing games!

I_find_it_funny4492d ago

I see nothing wrong in this comment

kane_13714492d ago (Edited 4492d ago )

If you think that SONY will fire some of its greatest employees (the director of Technology at Sony Santa Monica Studio(Notice the studio!!!)) just for saying his mind then you are really talking out of blue

sikbeta4492d ago

OH Gawd! what did he do? bleh... a whole "article" about this... unbelievable... -___-

HappyGaming4492d ago

In this advert Sony laughs at Kinect and the Wii :p

BattleAxe4492d ago

Forget about the Sony employee............thank, god I don't work for Microsoft.

starchild4492d ago

I agree that what he said was no big deal.

On the other hand, PS3 fanboys are a bunch of hypocrites. They have thrown fits in the past when Microsoft employees have said things that were even more innocuous.

A little consistency would be nice.

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Godmars2904493d ago

MS isn't talking about the PSN outage because they know it can happen to them. But I'm pretty sure that even hardcore 360 fanboys are and have been making as much fun about Kinect as they are Move.

limewax4493d ago (Edited 4493d ago )

I have the major 3, and I can say I mock move and kinect, even though I play wii....Reason being I was aware of what the wii was and bought it for what it is, Move I just didn't want but Kinect is pretty much being forced on me. If this doesn't change It's a safe bet I won't be buying the next xbox

solar4493d ago

eh, MS knows a thing a two about hackers. they knew not to do what Sony did. MS is letting Kinect getting hack to hell, and they are not pursuing.

big companies need to know when not to bite the hands that feeds. MS and Apple are prime examples to not go after hackers. bigger problems can occur.

i personally love hackers when it isnt hurting companies like pirating games or causing black outs, but hackers is a loose term. if systems were more open we wouldnt see many problems we see with tech nowadays.

extermin8or4492d ago (Edited 4492d ago )

@solar the hackers at the moment don't seem to care who they hit, I think what he meant was that with someone smart enough someone could hack them, but lookt a lulzsec they are just hacking everything they can, bollocks if this was ever about the companies pissing them off; it was always about feeding their oversized ego's and you're a gullible fool if you believe anything else and they have safely proven that they weren't 'doing it for the consumers'

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kingdoms4493d ago (Edited 4493d ago )

Dam sony has been trash talking Nintendo and Microsoft lately. Sony needs to worry about Sony getting killed by its competitors. We all heard Sony's predictions before about kinect. Sony bashing the 360/kinect and letting their fanboys paint a false picture about how people feel about kinect wont save Sony. It's clear we are starting to see the rabid frustrations from Sony and fanboys finally moving past the denial stage of loss due to the 360's new and constant success.

Can you guess which groups of people are the only ones complaining and voicing dislike? 360 fans not interested in kinect don't waste their time complaining and especially attacking kinect. Same principals you see when you don't see hundreds of 360 fans trolling/tracking and attacking PS3, we size we simply don't care about PS3 and move as display be declining ps3 sales

gamingdroid4493d ago

Have you heard the term, the most desperate tends to be the loudest.

Sony already started this last year when they made that Kevin Butler video:


MrBeatdown4493d ago (Edited 4493d ago )

I see you, and just about everyone here rushing to Microsoft's defense are attacking Sony for their "bashing" of Kinect, yet aren't arguing with the message itself.

So, uh, I take it you like MS's approach of having developers cram Kinect support into games that don't need it?

If an idea sucks, it sucks. Let's face reality... insisting that developers cram Kinect features into a game that has no need for it, just for the sake of having it supported is just a bad idea. Rather than cry about how Sony says it sucks, why not explain why it doesn't suck? Or is it just easier to shoot the messenger?

inb4disagrees... Given the comments around here, I'm sure it will be based on the fact that I'm criticizing people, regardless of how valid my point is.

D0ffy4492d ago (Edited 4492d ago )


I think you're missing the whole concept of professionalism. When you're a billion dollar company, you just don't go around and directly talk shit to other developers.

MrBeatdown4492d ago


He's as entitled to express his opinion as we are. He isn't on the payroll to babysit Sony's corporate image. If he were a public figure for Sony, then it would be a different story. But this guy isn't. His job is not PR. He doesn't speak on the company's behalf. What he says, on his own time, on his personal Twitter account, is his own opinion. Hell, is this guy forbidden from talking about the competition anywhere, anytime, any place, just because he works for Sony? He spoke positively of Red Faction Armageddon and negatively about Enslaved on his Twitter account yet nobody is in a uproar about professionalism over that? He's a game developer, so THQ and Namco are direct competitors, yet for all the people that seem to care so much about professionalism, I don't see anyone calling him out on that. It's funny that nobody seems to care about those instances, when you could use the same Me-So-Sensitive Guide To Corporate Interaction that everyone here appears to be using, to deem those two instances as "unprofessional." Or people could dislodge the stick they sat on, and realize this is just a guy, who happens to work for Sony, sharing his personal opinion on his personal Twitter account.

As for the whole "buttons" thing with Kevin Butler, that's nothing new. Ever hear the phrase "Sega does what Nintendon't"? Or ever get a good look at some of the Battlefield vs Call of Duty stuff? Or how about that Blur commercial that mocked kart racers? It doesn't even end with gaming. I doubt many people get worked up about "I'm a Mac, and I'm a PC" or the T-Mobile parodies.

There is a huge difference between taking a little jab at the competition and "directly talking shit" as you so ridiculously put it. These are huge corporations, not a bunch of five year olds who all need to get a trophy just so nobody's feelings get hurt.

sobekflakmonkey4492d ago


Well one, SONY itself as a corporation did not say anything, It was an employee who works on game's, and he has a right to an opinion and to be honest it's no different than cliffy b talking shit about the PS Move like every other day, I dont understand why anybody cares.

kikizoo4492d ago (Edited 4492d ago )

Kingdoms, fallout, and others xfans are really living in opposite world, or denial world...

"360 new and constant success" "declining ps3 sales" "wont save sony" LOL..

when ps3 sold more software and hardware than cheapers consoles last years, when the best exclusives, the more, and best variety, and graphics, are on ps3 each years, when the best motion controler is for ps3, + free online, bluray, etc.....wow, stop being delusional and buy the best console, if you are a gamer more than a ms shareholder.

the funniest part, is to see all the desperate fans without great exclusives, talking about kinect sells (who cares ? move sold a lot too by the way, and more important : it's accurate, and usefull for real games)....the better part is that they are talking everyday of the psn outtage like a great victory for them (when they have some real problems in the past with /not free/ xbl), ignoring the fact that 3 weeks are not so important, when you have the best games and exclusives to play (unlike xbox since 2008)...

D0ffy4492d ago


Alright consider me convinced. I think I'm just tired of these system wars and fayboism going on, I get a little riled up sometimes.

Just to be clear, I couldn't care less about Kinect, and I don't even own one. I don't consider myself a fanboy, cause I own everything the Big Three have released (except PSOne). I'm just sick and tired of people bashing each other whenever they get the chance, over a freaking gaming system (this may not be "bashing" as you implied). It's just getting ridiculous.

I think I might have misunderstood the context to begin with, as I thought he was somewhat involved with the PR. Just me that needs to read a bit more thoroghly. That's why I thought it was unprofessional. Thanks for a good reply.

insomnium24492d ago

Mr beatdown gets a cookie again. I like your thoughts my man :)

TKCMuzzer4492d ago

I'm not sure what your really trying to say.
As far as I am aware the PS3 is outselling the 360 worldwide at the moment and has done since the turn of the year. So if Sony's sales are declining then so are MS.
The reason many are not on here going on about it as you say it because it is not true and there is nothing to shout about.
Most people are right, Microsoft should not be forcing Kinect into all it's games. It adds to development time which can be used better elsewhere. Microsoft should be setting up studios to design games around Kinect and not Kinect around games.

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M-A-R-S-H-A-L-L4492d ago (Edited 4492d ago )

"Thank God I don't work for Microsoft."

Excuse me but how in the blue hell does this poke fun at Microsoft? It's not like he said they suck or anything. So anything can be made into an article these days? Shame on you people not realizing this was obvious flamebait.

Also, I love how Kingdoms and gamingdroid are already on the offense. Uh...what professionalism guys? That was an *OPINION*. He didn't talk about the competition or bashed them or anything.

Don't see why everyone's getting so butthurt over a twitter. People are suffering in the world, people have no jobs and you people are crying over a TWITTER comment.

Stay free N4G.

TheXgamerLive4492d ago (Edited 4492d ago )

Actually, all future games will be Kinect compatable or you may just use a controller.You have a choice, nothing worrying about that, it's only a great thing.

Ignorance is bliss, yes, or it can make you look like a fool:)

fr0sty4492d ago

Not necessarily, if you're a developer like he is, you may not want the burden of being forced into figuring out how to integrate a piece of hardware your game has no use for.

fr0sty4492d ago

Actually, MS has gone on the record a few times now taking the piss out of PSN, they just did so in a very professional manner. This isn't a company though, this is one man expressing his opinions on his twitter account. He has every right to say what he feels.

the_best_player4492d ago (Edited 4492d ago )

LOL @ Kinect <-------------------------- ---

HardCover4492d ago

We're not talking leaders of the UN here.

These people are video game developers. They don't have to watch their tongue THAT closely on Twitter.

And it's his career. If Sony drops him and MS doesn't want him over this one Twitter message, then I'm sure he'll get what's coming to him.

Besides, you ever hear Forza devs talk trash on GT? Yeah, it goes both ways, so relax.