Playlogic targets new IP for PS3

Publisher also vows to up its presence in the UK

Playlogic is to spearhead its forthcoming PS3 drive with brand new IP as it plans to increase its presence in the UK.

A new title is currently in development at the firm's Netherlands operation, and Playlogics executive VP Rogier Smit told MCV that there will be more PS3 titles to follow:

"A team at our in-house development studio called Playlogic Game Factory in Breda recently started working on a new IP," he said. "It is still early in development, but looks very promising and we expect it to turn into a great game."

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jackfatal4871d ago

sony is starting to get some love back again!

Darkiewonder4871d ago

Actually, Just surprise me lol

Real gamer 4 life4871d ago

that great sony is steeping up their game.

Sevir044871d ago

bring on the new IPs. while sequels tend to do well on platforms, New experiences must be forged to give sequels on the next gen iterations, so it's good to see Sony partnering with developers to gain exclusives, this will be another 3rd party exclusive for them that could be great. like the 2 3rd party exclusives sony has going from quantic dreams, and the 2 exclusives from rockstar. keep it up this looks to be something that will be shown next year but be done in like 09.

rushbd4871d ago

Didnt play logic develop Delta force : task force dagger ??

Loved that game like mad.