Help Decipher Nintendo's Hylian Message

In celebration of the Ocarina of Time 3DS release, Nintendo is hosting a pseudo trivia game to test your LoZ knowledge. Via Twitter, Nintendo is posting a total of eight different pictures, each with a different Hylian letter and a referring quote to help you decipher the image and create a complete message. We will be posting each image as Nintendo releases them, so be sure to check back frequently!

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Cwalk8163317d ago

I couldn't decipher Bethesda's dragonspeak, and I can't decipher Hylian. I am a sad panda :(

GregoryAllen3317d ago

ok that all seems pretty cool. But i'm just a regular zelda fanboy, not an insane zelda fanboy, so i have no hope of accomplishing anything with this.

blackhrt863317d ago

Nintendo taking a page out of the Valve playbook here, but in very good taste.

Eades3317d ago

Bad alternate reality games are bad... Take a page from Arkham's book and get some stuff from the physical world involved...

Just saying, I'd be much more inclined to care if I was walking down the street and found the master sword stuck into a power transformer or something.

honestpizza3316d ago

I wouldn't be able to control myself if I saw that.

TheFodi3317d ago

I'm no good at these things, but I like to try. *Envisions himself as Tom Hanks with long hair*

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