Top Five Most Beautiful Scenery In Gaming, Number One's A Stunner (Video)

With the incredible processing power of todays gaming systems, games more than ever have the potential of delivering some beautiful HD visuals. While facial animation, detailed character models and advanced physics simulators are all feeling the benefit of modern technology, nothing makes you stop and stare like an epic sweeping vista.

All of the games featured in this weeks top 5 are fast paced action titles. But they all had their gameplay abruptly halted when I decided to stop running, and simply look. Make sure you switch the video to HD and enjoy the scenery from this selection of beautiful game vistas.

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Pandamobile4252d ago

Lack of Crysis and The Witcher 2 make this video invalid.

qwertyz4252d ago

i think this is for consoles ? if pc games where also considered there'd be no console game on the list as even bulletstorm maxed out already destroys anything on consoles to date lol PC FTW!

Focker4204252d ago (Edited 4252d ago )


You obviously have no idea what this article is talking about. Its not about the technical prowess of a game. Its how beautiful the surrounding scenery is. Not "oh look at how cool this bush is on my PC derp derp". This entire article went over your head, and you still don't even realize it.

evrfighter14251d ago

since I was browsing the pc section and came across this. I will show you some of the best art in gaming.





in all 1080p glory.

Matpan4251d ago

and tell me, Focker420 how beatiful something is for qwertyz is totally wrong because he prefers the surroundings in other games?... He failed to understand the article because of that?... what if he actually thinks that bulletstorm maxed out has settings to more worthy to behold at than those in AC2 or UC2 or KZ3?...

People just need to chill out a bit in here...

Matpan4251d ago

This is just an opinion article... So you can either agree or not with this guy. He puts some pretty games in there. And while they are surely among the most visually impressive games, there are some titles that could be replaced for others and still there would be the same amount of people happy with this list, and the same amount complaining...

HappyGaming4251d ago

*facepalm* at the video... Killzone 3?
Really? Killzone 3 is beautiful?

It is meant to be an industrial warzone its not meant to be beautiful!!!

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HeavenlySnipes4252d ago

Not best graphics. Of course the first comment would be a PC elitist. -_-

What is so beautiful about Crysis 2? Destroyed NYC is nothing to marvel over.

Matpan4251d ago

Again... this is just opinion... You can either agree with the guy who made the article or not... Best looking scenery is a totally subjective issue. While some may drop their jaws in awe at the mere view of a lost temple in a Nepali mountains others may prefer to see the Chrysler building coming down... Wether one is "better looking" than the other then can arguably be interpreted as in terms of technically achieved, as that would be the only real objective way to measure two different scenery...

In that case, As much as you may prefer the settings in uncharted 2 (and I personally do so) , what the people at crytec where able to achieve in terms of visual prowess with BOTH their crysis games is well over that.

Now as an opinion article, depicting what the author prefers... it`s totally valid, and I agree to some extent, I still do believe Crysis games ought to be there, they have some pretty pretty views to stare at...

Pandamobile4252d ago

If this applies to consoles only, it shouldn't be in the PC section.

And I'm talking about Crysis, not Crysis 2.

theEx1Le4252d ago

Yup Crysis has beautiful scenery, doesn't even have to be maxed out. Especially in the later sections with the frozen areas.

caboose324252d ago (Edited 4252d ago )

Yea I would go with Crysis Warhead with the best scenery. This article is just filled with a bunch of console fanboys that have never played the damn game before. Also Shogun 2 has some pretty stunning scenery at times.

But since this is a "console" article and if I dont say a console game everybody here will get butthurt, then I would have to say Uncharted 2 has the best looking scenery out of these.

solar4252d ago

was that video a joke? im failing to see how it is actually a "best of" o.O

frostypants4251d ago (Edited 4251d ago )

Uncharted 2 has prettier scenery than anything on any other platform, and I own all 3 that matter in this discussion. I've never heard anyone who's actually played U2 all the way through disagree.

Crysis is pretty and should have been on here, but it's not just about pushing polygons and resolution. Creative assets can trump a certain amount of horsepower advantage.

Saladfax4251d ago

Played through Uncharted 2 twice now. I love that bloody game; it's very very good.

It is not the gold standard for everything. It has very good scenery, visuals, and fidelity packed into it, but it is by no means the best.

Once again, played Uncharted 2 twice, and I disagree with your statement.

50Terabytespersec4252d ago

Resistance 2 had one and so did , Motor storm Apocalypse

MrDead4252d ago

Dear the PC users commenting on this video, please for the love of god grow up you whine more than my 5 year old nephew.

caboose324251d ago (Edited 4251d ago )

Sorry, we all have to whine sometimes. =D

This is what its like arguing with most console gamers. (not all though, many tend to be much less stubborn about things.)

Also if you watched the video on youtube the uploader states that he couldnt put Crysis or other pc games on the list because he doesnt have a high end pc to record the games with.So he had to make the video with what he had. So yea, pc gamers can stop complaining about their favorites not being on it too.

SonyPS3604251d ago

45 people who disagreed have no clue what they are talking about.

I watched this video and he missed at dozens of better examples.

likedamaster4251d ago

That was definitely a pretty scene in Uncharted 2, but the best in all of gaming? Not by a long shot.

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movements4252d ago

Well Killzone 3 looks better than Crysis 2, and Witcher 2 is not yet on consoles so?

gaffyh4252d ago

I don't see what's funny. Killzone 3 does look better stylistically, but if you're talking about polygons, of course Crysis will win. On high settings it looks amazing, but this isn't about the best graphics, it's about the best looking scenery. So he has a valid opinion, even if you don't agree with it.

Not surprised that Uncharted won tbh.

Inside_out4251d ago

Crysis 2 raised the bar, but some kids just don't get it...

Destruction is beautiful...

Crysis brings the heat...and the light...

There is a lot more...

Halo Reach...

Gears Of War...

Alan wake...yep, that good.

Matpan4251d ago

Well then we just enter the terrain of subjectivity. While it can be empiraically demonstrated that X game has more polygons / postprocessing effects / number of light sources and so on... than Y game... the "looks better sylistically" is purely a matter of taste.

In that sense... I find this a mere opinion article...

I find the sceneries in The curse of monkey island more inspiring and much nicer than some of the examples shown there... for example...

frostypants4251d ago

Halo Reach? Are you JOKING? That game's main criticism was it wasn't a significant graphical upgrade over Halo 3. Graphics and scenery were the weakest aspects of it!

Denethor_II4251d ago (Edited 4251d ago )

Naughty Dog are obviously more talented than the likes of Crytek you just have to look at the two console games of UNC 2 and Crysis to to see that. Uncharted 1 and 2 are truly beautiful examples of what they are capable of.

Direct quote from PANDAMOBILE:
"Uncharted 2 can't touch half of the stuff we have on PC.

For Christ's sake, COD:WAW looks better than this game."

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qwertyz4252d ago (Edited 4252d ago )

killzone 3 uses pre baked lights with NO HDR so how is it technically more impressive than crysis 2 ? you want to say killzone 3 has better textures ? well it doesn't and crysis 2 has larger more open environments (are you going to lie and say it doesn't?)


killzone 3s textures are no better and crysis 2 eviroments are much larger and open. Are you going to deny that ? does killzone 3 implement REALTIME global illumination ? no it doesn't crysis 2 lighting is way better and is all done in REALTIME and the ps3 version uses up to 16x anisotropic filtering! something kz3 cannot touch even uncharted 2 used trilinear filtering. it goes like this

bilinear<trilinear<2xAF <4xAF<8xAF<16xAF

@the stealth disagrees

lol dislike the comment all you want it doesn't mean it isn't true. crysis 2 has better lighting, better textures, larger enviroments, more open enviroments than killzone 3

gaffyh4252d ago

Who said it was technically more impressive? I said the exact opposite in fact.

cochise3134252d ago

Crysis had some pretty flat textures, it was just very well lit which gave the impression of better graphics. I saw bullets lying on the ground and they were flat as paper. Crysis looks good, but is over rated. There are many console games that looks better.

stampylongnose4251d ago

It is technically very impressive, but the consoles can't handle it. It is very glitchy and buggy on consoles. It only runs smooth on a high end PC. KZ runs brilliantly on a PS3, who knows how could it could look on PC.

The video is about art anyway, not graphics.

frostypants4251d ago

No one said anything about "technically impressive" (HOW a look is achieved is irrelevent if you're not a dev) OR whether environments are open or not.

The article is about pretty scenery. You're trying to move the goalposts because it offended your fanboy sensibilities.

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SonyPS3604251d ago (Edited 4251d ago )

Are you serious? You need glasses I think.

Crysis 2 looks better, especially when you talk about scenery. And who said this had to be just a console list?

Why limit yourself and not use the most powerful platform?

This list wasn't made by anyone significant. No idea why it made it on N4G.

SpaceSquirrel4252d ago

I'm sure Uncharted 3 will be on the list soon

Focker4204252d ago

Uncharted 2 at number 1, no surprise there. I loved that part in the pool haha, its little things like that that make you really appreciate the developers.

jdfoster004252d ago

Yeah! Marco... Polo...Marco...Polo... haha Achievement unlocked! And yeah I totally agree with you. I love how they interact with each other and drakes sense of humour and personality i.e in the way he speaks to himself etc etc :)

BeOneWithTheGun4251d ago

@jdfoster...I'm just guessing here, but I am pretty sure "Achievement Unlocked" never appears on your screen during Uncharted 2.

squidyj4252d ago

Crysis 2 looks better than everything except maybe Uncharted 2 and there's nothing that says this is console only so the omission of Witcher 2 is a grave sin.

SonyPS3604251d ago

Carefull, Ps3 fanboys are lurking. Don't dare bring up any better looking games.

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