NeverDead Preview [GameRevolution]

"What's the price of immortality? In many stories, protagonists or antagonists have dreams of becoming immortal. So what happens when someone who isn't expecting it suddenly becomes unkillable? Would that make for a good video game, considering that dying is a major part of most games? I had the chance to sit down with creator Shinji Nojiri at the Konami booth at E3 to talk about his newest game, NeverDead, and get some answers!" - Eduardo Reboucas, GameRevolution

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dbjj120882685d ago

Sorry but NeverDead makes me want to say NeverWantToPlayThis. They've got to release a demo for this kind of game.

stormeagle62685d ago

Harsh, no? I think the originality behind the concept should at least be enough to warrant a look if nothing more.

Inconsent2684d ago

Dunno why the article keeps calling the main character Pryce when his actual name is Bryce. Guess he must have misheard someone.