Splitkick - Wii U - Innovation Wasteland

Nintendo should probably look to their competitors for evidence of exactly why this might not work out. Both the Kinect and Move have, at launch, promised to deliver unique experiences in addition to ordinary game content. Neither have truly delivered – developers preferring to forge ahead with a more traditional experience rather than catering to the minority of users equipped with the camera/wand equipment. For the most part these devices have been completely ignored.

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D0ffy2683d ago

But the Wii was certainly not ignored, the sales figures do tell us that. I believe the problem Kinect and Move was suffering was simply the fact that the Wii came first to draw the motion-control crowd in. I think a lot of people see the Move for example as a total replica of the Wiimote, even though the Move is more powerful. But that's something the casual crowd doesn't care about, so why buy a Move, when you have the Wiimote in the first place?

Can't really tell if the Wii U will succeed, but I certainly hope it does. Really hope it brings out some awesome games, that fully utilize the controller. We will just have to wait and see.