GameZone - Alice: Madness Returns Review - 360/PC/PS3

GameZone's Ben PerLee reviews Alice: Madness Returns for Xbox 360, PC, and Playstation 3. While impressed with the art direction, the game stumbles in combat, graphics, and camera use.

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TheSanchezDavid2681d ago

I think the problem with this game is that everyone's expectations were a bit too high. I still plan on playing it, but I'm not expecting some grand adventure.

manumit2681d ago

My expectations were high on this, still going to buy it though. I can't tell honest reviews anymore, its like some of them do low scores to get hits.

OtherWhiteMeat2681d ago

I'll wait till the price drops.Under 30 dollars and I'm in.Same goes for Duke Nukem.

kingeo2681d ago

Don't pass on this because of the reviews,some of them simply they don't know what they are talking about.They were a lot of reviews about Castlevania lords of shadow which were saying anything they wanted without even finish the game and they were all lies as I bought it and tried it by myself
I suggest you to rent this game and every other game to make a opinion for yourself,I do the same for many years now

schlanz2681d ago

Except lords of shadow got a lol of positive reviews too and ended up with a decent meta. I haven't seen anything higher than a 7.5 for this game and most reviews have sat between a 5-7.

Just accept it, this game is mediocre at best. Too many good games out these days to justify plunking down $60 on an average game. And for me it's more about time than it is money.

TheLastGuardian20102681d ago

Look on metacritc dude. There's been plenty of 8's and 9's. Heck, it has a near 70 on metacritic.

Don't trust the reviews. This game is this years Deadly Premonition. So far it has been up to par to Alice 1. I'm seriously NOT GETTING the scores. Games good, buy it.

schlanz2680d ago

A near 70 is not good. 10 reviews sub 75 and 4 80+

Again as I say the game is average at best. Maybe for fans of the original that's not a problem and I'm not saying it won't be enjoyable, but if I'm going to buy a new game I'd rather it be inFamous 2 or even Outland which is only $10 and getting great reviews all around.