L.A. Noire Price drop and Rockstar pass sale extended

L.A. Noire gets a price drop and even extends the sale on the Rockstar pass for one more week.

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kwicksandz2708d ago

very early price drop. wonder if they think the games underperforming

ZBlacktt2708d ago

Games very good. But for myself, the problem came around mission 18 or so. It gets very repetitive. Yes, each case is different. But the same old, drive here, drive there, look for clues, ask questions, back to drive here, drive there. This goes on for hours and hours and hours. So rather slow paced most of the time. I beat the game and got the plat trophy. I then got all the DLC, which both those missions are better then the ones found in the game. Beat all that as well and finished with a 100% for the whole game. So not a hard Plat to get, just time consuming. Mostly finding all the cars in the game. Games more a rent then buy since it has no online.

ZBlacktt2708d ago (Edited 2708d ago )

I do not give a rats a$$ if some clown disagree's, lol. I have 100% everything done. ;)

So deal with it...O.O

Baba19062708d ago

ill get the dl content stuff even if i dont have the game yet =D but soon i hope =D.

Limit7602708d ago

Make sure you grab the rockstar pass before the 21st. it gives you access to all the DLC for the game and it saves you about 10 bucks.

Inside_out2708d ago

I paid full price ( $69.99 )...NOT IMPRESSED, but the game was a gift for a family member that likes those types of games. Even so, the game is sitting in the corner somewhere gathering dust. It's the same thing over and over. It should of stayed exclusive to the PS3. I think that demographic would be better suited to this kind of cut scene nonsense.

I'm curious to see the sales breakdown of this one because I find it hard to believe many Xbox owners would buy this turd. They, Rockstar, got too caught up in the whole look at are crappy animations...who cares!!! I want to play a game not look at one.

Steven212708d ago

You're an idiot. go back to playing halo 8 and enjoy that crap fest. A game that actually has a story is probably too much for you to handle. I bet you thought heavy rain was a bad game too since it has no online. Do yourself a favor and play a real game that is mentally involving and not a mindless romp around online

DigitalRaptor2708d ago

That is the conclusion I would also draw from this and most of his previous comments.

He just seems like one of those hyperactive online kids who wants to frag it up 24/7! LOL

Limit7602708d ago

I'm not sure if the price drop was warranted by the underperformance of the game. It is incredibly popular and was tops of the XBL top played game last month.

I'm glad it's dropped in price, So more people get a chance to play it.